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My name is Nicki and I am so happy you are here!

Welcome to all of you who cared enough to click on this page!  In case you are wondering,  I am a mother, career woman, and wife living smack dab in small town America (Bridgeport, West Virginia). I have a challenging career as a middle school counselor. My job can be stressful at times, and a few years ago, I realized I needed an outlet, a place where I could follow my bliss, explore my passions, focus on my creativity.   At about the same time, I discovered a whole world of DIY blogs that I never even knew existed!  It felt like striking gold!  I started devouring them, and obsessively reading them, and one day, a light bulb popped on, and I knew, these bloggers were my people- they were kindred spirits.  They were doing things I had never dreamed  possible but instinctively knew I needed to be doing.  And so over the course of several months, Sweet Parrish Place went from not even a sparkle in my eye to a blog, and I was officially following my dreams for the first time in a very. long. time.

Now that you know how Sweet Parrish Place was born, let me tell you a little bit more about me, the girl with the champagne taste and a tiny budget!  I love God with all of my heart, I pray to him several times a day, and yet I sin and need forgiveness on a daily basis just like everyone else.  I have three kids who I love very much, but at times they make me want to pull my hair out or take up smoking (cue all of the praying). Since its not a good idea to do either of those things, instead, I blog.  That is the creative outlet that keeps me sane and helps me focus on me in a world where I am focusing on other people (my students or my kids) for most of my days.

My oldest is Delaney, (I call her Miss 19 Year Old, but now that she is over 18, I think I am just gonna call her Delaney mmmkay?), she is a sophomore in college (studying fashion merchandising) and drop dead gorgeous (yikes!), who loves to sing, does some small town modeling on the side and is a barista at a coffee shop. She hopes to move to NYC one day and pursue a career in the fashion industry.  Funny story involving her, recently one of my favorite bloggers, whom DOES NOT follow me on Instagram, started following her! And this blogger, whose name I will not mention, does not really know me and definitely does not know Delaney is my daughter!  How does that happen?  Curious about her Instagram feed now? Well go ahead, you can follow my daughter, but please, for the love of God, follow me too first!  It's one of my favorite places to hang out.

In 2000, my second child came along.  His name is Coleton (Mr. 15 Year Old) who loves all sports, but his passion is running. He is a sophomore in high school, and is on the cross country and the track team. You really should meet him because at the young age of 15, he currently already knows everything there is to know about life.  He really is a phenomenon! #kiddingnotkidding  On the bright side, he is a barrel of laughs and he is generous to a fault with the ones he loves.  All he needs is a little encouragement, and someone who believes in him, and he will move mountains for them. 

After Coleton was born, my life kind of took a nosedive when my ex husband became an addict.  It's a story that I could tell for hours and hours, but instead I wrote it down, and you can read all about it right here:

It was a dark period in my life where I became a shell of a person in many ways.  I am still not finished writing it all down, but it is one of those stories that is hard to tell.  I may be inspired to write more one day, we shall see.  If you are someone who has read my story and want to know more, I would love for you to let me know that.  I am just not sure how interested people are in hearing the whole thing.

Good news though!  After being a single mother for several years, I met and married Mr. Right!  I have been married now for 9 years to a wonderful man named Jason (Local Celebrity = LC). I don't know what I did to deserve him, but he has been a Godsend to me and my two oldest children. Especially since they have not seen their biological father for years. Jason was a local television chief meteorologist (up until December 2014), and very well loved in areas where WBOY-TV channel is broadcast.  I often joke that I can't imagine what it would be like to be Jennifer Aniston, because everywhere we go people are recognizing him and either shouting out, approaching him, or asking what's the weather ( yes still, even though he has been out of the profession for over 6 months, I'll let you know when it dies down)!  I sometimes forget that we are in the public eye, it can be both a pleasure and an annoyance.  LC has recently made a complete career change though, and is now a drug rep for Takeda Pharmaceuticals, and just recently started his new job!  So I will have to report back to you on how that goes, but so far he is very happy.  When I married Jason he had nothing but the best of intentions, but DIY'er was not on his list of many talents.  I am proud of him though, because he supports me completely, and he is learning how to DIY right along by my side.  

Together, we had my youngest son, Gavin, Mr. 7 Year Old, my little angel face. He is a 7 year old sweetie pie who has the bluest eyes! He is in second grade, likes to draw, and make adorable little books, loves to swim, but pretty much despises all organized sports, so we are currently experimenting around with different things he might be interested in (karate, children's chorus, art) I'll let you know if something catches!  He is planning to join the swim team next summer.  He is still my little snuggle bug, and I dread the day that he grows out of that, so I cherish every last snuggle.

From august 2013-June 2014, we hosted a wonderful student from Sweden, who lived with us for 10 months( you can read our experiences hosting an exchange student here and here.  She is back in Sweden now.  But in our hearts, she will always be a part of our family. Delaney actually spent three weeks with her this summer of 2015, and it changed her life forever. You can read more about her trip here.  

I am an incurable vintage and thrift store junkie, DIY'er, crafter and Junk Gypsie wanabe.   I believe that a few coats of paint can make anything better, I have never met a gallery wall I didn't like, and fashion and personal style are in my soul. Although I am a West Virginia Mountaineer at the core, the beach is my jam!  I consider myself a small town girl with big city dreams.  I love easy listening music like David Grey, James Taylor, Jimmy Buffett, Adele, and my favorite band of all time is the Eagles.  I feel most at peace when my home is clean and organized, but that doesn't always happen around here. If it has retro vibes, I will probably think it's cool, and I have defined my design style as an eclectic, modern, polished casual style (and yes, I made that up, I'm allowed, I even have a Pinterest Board dedicated to it, read more about my design style here).  Nothing beats waking up to a super sized cup of hot tea ( Lipton is my favorite) and several hours free to blog or work on a project to my hearts content.  And just one more very important thing you need to know about me- I am a huge Tom Cruise fan.  I know I know, his religion is weird.  But I am a fan of his looks and his acting.  I just pretend the religious schtuff doesn't exist. And yes, I know he is short, but since I will probably never lay eyes on him, that really doesn't matter, does it?

Sweet Parrish Place is a space for me to share things I love and things that matter to me:  the  DIY projects we do at our house, decorating, crafting, painting stuff, my personal style and the fashion I love, travel, my family, the subject of addiction, or anything I find beautiful, pretty, or interesting.  Three years ago, we moved into a 1996 split level in a great neighborhood to be closer to the kid's school's and activities, and it has made my life so much easier! It is a nice house in a great neighborhood, but needs a lot of tender loving care.  I want this blog to be a reflection of myself, the things I love and what inspires me.  When you read the pages of this blog, I hope you feel like you know me, like you are chatting with a friend.  I want to have a conversation with you as well, I want to know who you are, and what makes you tick.  Please comment away, and tell me all about yourself (after all, it's only interesting if it's a two way conversation).  I view this blog as a place for me to go to get away from work and decompress, a platform for me to connect with like minded people. All of these things help restore my sanity and feed my soul.   Really, Sweet Parrish Place is me sharing my heart and my life with you!  Almost three years ago, after daydreaming about it for a long time, I decided to give blogging a whirl and follow my bliss. And guess what happened?  It changed my life forever! Won't you please join me on this journey?

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You can find me hanging out at all of these locations at various times throughout the week:

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