Friday, November 11, 2016

Grandma Berry's Sugar Cookie Recipe- The Best Ever!

Hey friends!  It is amazing to me that Thanksgiving is almost here, and then the holidays will be upon us, can you believe it?  Not only do I host Thanksgiving in our home, but we attend other family gatherings throughout the holiday season that require me to bring something along, how about you? And who doesn't love a good cookie?  I am joining my friends from No Place Like Home today to bring you a wonderful holiday cookie blog hop.  We are each sharing our favorite cookie recipe for you, so if you are looking for some cookie inspiration, I guarantee that you will find one here today! I am sharing a very special sugar cookie recipe today.  But don't forget to check out the fabulous and yummy looking recipes that are being shared by my sweet friends!  

I am honored and privileged to be able to share this recipe with you today.  This sugar cookie recipe belonged to my husband's late grandmother, and he and his entire family grew up loving them.  She was a sweet woman, a fantastic cook, and loved by so many.  And I know that my husband sure does miss having these cookies at Thanksgiving and Christmas.  

So when I knew that I would be sharing a cookie recipe for this blog hop, I decided to call his mother and ask if she had the recipe and would she mind me having it to share with my readers, and she was happy to share it!  Trust me when I say that these sugar cookies are delicious and the best I have ever tasted!

When I was talking about this post and wondering what kind of cookies to share here today, my husband is the one who suggested that I use his grandma Berry's recipe.  I am sure those cookies evoke many fond memories for all of the people who loved her.  It is those little things like cookies that we might take for granted when someone is living, and we just expect them to always be around, year after year.  And then suddenly, one day as time goes by and loved ones pass on, those special things are gone, and that is sometimes when we realize just how special they were.  And we want them back.  

I feel that way about my Granny's chicken and dumplings, and her rice pudding.  Those things were things that she made year after year, and she would say there was no recipe, she just made them.  She would tell me to come down and she would show me how to do it myself.  And I would say one of these days I will.  And life happened, and I never went down and learned how to make those things. And now my Granny lives in a nursing home and suffers from dementia, and she no longer remembers how.  And it is one of my biggest regrets- that I didn't take the time to learn how to make that food that was so dear to my heart growing up.  

So when I called my husbands mother about the sugar cookie recipe, I was afraid she would tell me- oh, there is no recipe, she just made them.  And I was so happy to learn there was a recipe.  I remember these cookies always being there at Thanksgiving and Christmas, and they always had either white or pink icing.  They didn't look particularly holiday like to me with the white or pink icing, but I could not keep my hands off of them!  And so I wanted to stay true to the cookies that were so loved and keep the icing on them the same.

So now, I can recreate this childhood favorite of my husbands.  And he can have a little piece of his grandma back with him.  I know he misses her.  And this is a way of keeping her memory alive.  And how special is that?  Very, very special.  I hope when you go to make some cookies this Holiday season that these will be one of them.  And maybe while your family is enjoying them, you can give a tiny nod to Grandma Berry up in heaven, and say a silent thank you for the delicious cookies!
Click the link below to see the recipe, and print it out!

Now don't forget to go and visit my friends from No Place Like Home and find out what mouth watering cookies they have in store to share with you today!  Enjoy!  Thanks goodness just looking at a computer screen has no calories, right? #getinmabelly

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