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One Room Challenge- Week Three

One Room Challenge Week 3- New Lighting

Hey friends!  In case you missed it, I am participating in the One Room Challenge for the first time, and I am renovating our kids/guest bathroom in 6 weeks.  This is week three, and if you want to start reading this at the beginning you can catch week one here, and week two here.  If you don't know what the ORC is, the one room challenge is a widely anticipated two time per year event where 20 featured design bloggers transform a space and document it once per week for 6 weeks.  In addition, everyone with a blog is invited to join the shenanigans and be a guest participant by linking up their own transformations for the 6 weeks.  During this third week, we managed to change out the light fixture over our bathroom sink.  I also went shopping and bought some of the decor that will be in the finished room.  So let's get on with things and talk about this light!

Before we get on with things though, I want to take a moment to say that this room is very difficult for me to photograph, and it proved even more difficult to try to take photos of this light when it was actually lit.  And since there is no window in this room, I have to keep the light on in order to photograph it.  So I am super NOT happy with the pictures I have to share with you today.  But I did purchase an external flash that should help with my issue I am having, and hopefully I can figure it out in time for week 4, which is next week!  Anyhoo, I am completely loving the new light we installed, and it just looks so much better in person than it does in these photos! 

One Room Challenge Week 3- New Lighting

This is a picture of the light that we so happily took down and trashed last weekend.  I can't tell you how happy that made me!  I have been wanting to replace the lighting in our upstairs bathrooms since before we moved into this house.  And we finally have both of them changed.  The new vanity light really helps bring this bathroom into 2016, and I love the style of it.  For week one of the challenge, I shared the vanity makeover- I painted the vanity in the color bluegrass white by Glidden.  And for week two we installed Airstone on the bottom half of the walls.  

One Room Challenge Week 3- New Lighting
Quartz undermount single sink// Faucet

Here's a peek back at last week with the AirStone installed for you.

One Room Challenge Week 3- New Lighting

You can still see traces of the old light, and that will all be fixed when I paint the walls, which is the next thing on my list of things to do.  As a matter of fact, you can see paint samples in many of these pictures.  I'm trying to choose a white, and am still debating, but I plan to make a decision and get the paint tomorrow.  And I'm also still debating about the trim color.  I would love your advice on this!  I want the walls and trim to both be white, but am debating on whether to use the exact same white or two different ones.  The walls will be satin, and the trim will be a high gloss.  What say you, I would certainly appreciate people chiming in on this!  I have not painted a wall white in I don't even know how long!

One Room Challenge Week 3- New Lighting

The white cabinet you see hanging to the right of the picture below will be removed this weekend, and it will be replaced with some really cool shelving, and I am keeping that as a surprise for now. But I will say there will be three shelves, and all three will be different.  I am hoping it will be very "Junk Gypsy" and super cool!  

One Room Challenge Week 3- New Lighting

My favorite thing about the new lighting is that the globes are white on the inside.  That is the added touch that made my decision for me in choosing a light.  When I bought the light, I purchased three "daylight" LED bulbs, and when we installed the light, and I put the bulbs in I hated the way the bulbs made the room look.  The guy at the store recommended daylight bulbs for a bathroom.  But I thought they looked too cool and make the room look unwelcoming, cold, and stark.  So I went and bought three new light bulbs in "warm white", and I immediately liked the way they looked so much better!  So the lesson is don't always listen to the guy at the store.  I like warm lighting, and I already knew that, but I let  him sway me in the wrong direction.  And I regretted it and had to make another trip to the store.  But all is well that ends well, because I am now happy with my warm white bulbs!

One Room Challenge Week 3- New Lighting

BTW, I don't believe I have mentioned it, but the mirror is going to be changed out as well.  I'm still deciding on this part.  I have a mirror I got at a thrift store that I will probably use, but the frame needs something special, and I haven't decided what that something is.   

One Room Challenge Week 3- New Lighting
One Room Challenge Week 3- New Lighting

Here is a shot of the inside of the globes that won me over.  I had to turn the light off and use flash to get this shot, but it allows you to see my favorite part of the light!

One Room Challenge Week 3- New Lighting

I am super happy with our progress so far, and shout out to my husband, because he changed out this light for me.  He is always so supportive of my projects even when I know he wishes the projects would end (I have heard him mutter it under his breath, haha, has he met me???)  So, LC, if you are reading this, thanks for helping me with the hard stuff!  

So when I had to run out for new light bulbs, I took advantage of my Target run and picked up a few decor items for the finished room.  I chose some white towels with a simple navy stripe, and some blue accents in a candle and wall art.  I posted this picture on Instagram last weekend.  To the left you can see a really cute blanket scarf.  I just loved the colors of it, and I think it will look cute both hanging around my neck, and from a hook on the back of the bathroom door.  So there you go, I killed two birds with one stone!  (Although I have never killed a bird and don't really throw stones,but you get the idea)

One Room Challenge Week 3- New Lighting

I am really hoping to have this room painted in time for week 4 of the ORC next week, so that I can spend the rest of my time with the finishing touches, like trimming out the Airstone, DIY'ing a shelve and hanging shelves, refreshing the grout, and decorating the space.  And I have to admit today I was in full on panic mode when I started thinking about all that I have to do, and one weekend I will be away to watch my son run in the Cross Country State Championship.  So I am truly shaking in my boots and praying I get it all finished. Wish me luck!  What do you think so far?  I would love to know!  Even though I'm unsatisfied with the pictures, I still think you can get a really good idea of the progress in the room so far.  

Find the Light I bought here.

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