Sunday, October 9, 2016

Custom Buttons for Cross Country Team

Hey friends!  I hope your weekend is going just the way you planned, and for those of your affected by Hurricane Matthew, my thoughts and prayers are with you, I hope you have stayed safe this weekend.  I wanted to pop in really quickly on this Sunday morning to show you these super cute buttons I just got for my son's Cross Country Team.  My son, aka Mr. 16 Year Old, has been running cross country since he was in the 6th grade.  He is now a junior.  

One of my greatest joys in life is to watch him run.  And I count him lucky to be part of the team he runs with, because it is a wonderful running program.  He runs for Bridgeport High School, and in the past three years, they have won the state championship twice, and were first runner up once.  

The regular season is now over for this year, and his team is currently ranked number one in the state. My son is ranked number 29 in the state.  Not too shabby, right?  They won the County championship for the 9th year in a row on Thursday.  And next weekend they take on the Big Ten Conference Championship.  After that it is onto the regional and state championship, which is held at the end of this month.  

I don't want to leave out the girls, because they are currently ranked number 5 in the state, and are doing better than they have in years.  So we are equally proud of them!  

So when I was offered the opportunity to have 50 buttons from Uber Buttons, that I designed myself, for review, I thought it would be a great opportunity to make some buttons for the boys and girls who work so hard every single day for very little glory.  Our town and their high school is a football loving high school, and the football team has won three straight state championships, and deservingly, they get a lot of glory for it.  The cross country teams don't see that glory.  They are athletes who dedicate a lot of their lives to running, and running long.  They train not just during cross country season, but for most of the year.  They are the hardest working kids I know, and they aren't running for glory, I can tell you that much.  They are running for the love of the sport.  They are running for whatever their personal reasons are, but I will tell you one thing right now, each and every one of them have a passion inside of them to run.  

So I thought it would be a nice little token to have these buttons made for them.  I think they will be really cute on their backpacks, jackets, or wherever else they choose to pin them.  I haven't given them to the kids yet, but I plan to very soon.  I hope they like them!  What do you think?  Bridgeport Cross Country- we call them the long red line, because that is exactly what they look like out their on that course.  A long red line.  I am so proud that my son is part of this team.  These are some of the best kids and hardest workers and good students I know.  These are the days my son will look back on with fond memories for the rest of his life.  The experience he has shared with his teammates over the years have helped shape him into the man he is becoming.  

You can design your own custom buttons over at Uber Buttons.  And they have more than just buttons too.  They have magnets, zipper pulls, key chains, and compact mirrors too.  And you can customize them to have whatever you choose on them.  My buttons came very quickly, and they matched my design exactly.  They are really cute!  Have a happy Sunday friends!


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