Monday, September 12, 2016

Thoughts on Cleanliness and Organization

DIY Fall Floral Wreath

Hey friends!  I spent the weekend turning one year older and decorating for Fall!  I still have to add a few finishing touches, but I made a great dent in my Fall decorating.  I haven't started taking pictures of any of it yet, so today I am sharing a few pictures from last years Fall decor.  When I am decorating for a changing season, things start out as a disaster zone!  You know, kind of like this! This is what things generally look like in the beginning, and that was not all of my Fall decor, that was only part of it.  

Fall Decor

I usually lay everything out where I can see it, and then I just start decorating one area at a time (and packing the previous season's decor in boxes) until I have it all done.  Whatever is left over at the end, I will pack back up or give to my daughter for her college apartment.  Amidst the chaos yesterday I got to thinking about cleanliness and organization, and the journey my life has taken me on with that.  I remember the days (before children) when I was very regimented with my household chores and organization.  I think back fondly on those days and sometimes long to have them again. Because nowadays it's just not possible for me to keep up with things like I used to.  Not with three kids, a puppy, a blog, and a full time job.  At some point along the way I had to relax when it came to stuff like that or I was going to go insane.  But I have to admit, I still wish my home could always be perfectly organized and spic and span, because if I'm honest, that is what makes me happy.  

Ikea Hemnes Shoe Cabinet

I never feel more relaxed and content than I do when my household is clean and organized.  But when the mess starts getting to me, I tell myself that there will come a day, much sooner than I realize, when I will miss the chaos and the mess.  Because I will one day have it all back, the time to clean and organize, and I will once again have that perfectly clean home I long for.  But what I won't have back is special pancakes and snuggles on Saturday mornings, cross country and track meets, theater productions, playing chauffeur, watching favorite shows with my daughter, swim meets, and just having my family around every day.  And that is what makes me tear up and know that the housework can wait a little longer.  

Fall Decor

Even though I have had to change my priorities now that I have a family, being able to live in a generally tidy home does have a greatly positive impact on my mood.  So I don't want to give the wrong impression, I haven't turned into a complete slob!  I just have to manage my time a little better, and it doesn't hurt that I am lucky to have a husband who helps me out immensely! So things stay pretty neat and clean around here most of the time.  However, last week, something happened that threw us completely off track when it comes to keeping up with our housework.  Our air conditioning broke down, and it was in the 90's all week.  And we had to wait for three days before someone could come to fix it (gasp!)  

Fall Decor

Not only did it break down, it caused a huge mess in our utility closet, which ended up taking over our family room as well.  We think it had been happening for a while before we noticed a problem, which was when it completely stopped working.  My husband went down to the closet to take a look because the air stopped working, and he found a wet floor with black mold growing underneath of a carpet runner I had on the floor!  So he had to empty out the entire closet, throw away the rug, and then try to get it dried out.  And the whole black mold thing freaked me out,  We cleaned it up using bleach, and we don't think it had penetrated too much into the wood yet, so hopefully we took care of the issue correctly.  But it certainly created a mess for over a week in our entire family room area!

Fall Decor

When a major appliance such as an air conditioning unit breaks down it throws everyone for a loop. Not only were we all uncomfortable with the sizzling temperatures, it also affected our housework because who feels like cleaning when it is in the 90's outside and you have no air conditioning! When your home’s heating or cooling system ceases to function properly, you feel so uncomfortable due to the unfamiliar interior temperatures, you find it hard to get motivated to organize your home.   That was certainly the case with us!  We are so accustomed to the welcome convenience of climate control that our first priority became getting the air conditioning unit fixed. In that instance, organizing our home temporarily got put on the back burner due to unforeseen circumstances.

Fall Decor

Fall Decor

Let me tell you, those few nights we had to spend without a working air conditioning unit were very uncomfortable.  We are used to turning the air down even more when we go to bed.  We like it cool during the night while we sleep.  So we had three long and uncomfortable nights!  We were so happy to finally get it fixed and working again!  Companies such as Southern Air HVAC provide service 24 hours a day and seven days a week, so you never have to wait too long for your home to feel comfortable again. Depending on the nature of the problem, your technician may have insight about essential repairs, or tell you the best thing to do is replace the unit with an upgraded option. If cost is a concern, ask about potential financing to make budgeting simpler.  I have to admit that I was hoping our service man would say the whole unit needs replaced because it is many years old, but no luck, it was an easy fix!  

Fall Decor

Have you ever had your air conditioning unit break in the heat of summer, or your furnace in the cold of winter?  Having a climate controlled temperature in our homes is something that we often take for granted, until we have to live without it!  But having to live without it for a few days, I certainly have a newfound appreciation for it, and for the men who come to fix it for us!  I hope you enjoyed seeing a glimpse of my fall decor from last year, and reading this post today.  Have a great Monday friends!

P.S.- I'll be participating in a Fall Home Tour with some other fabulous bloggers that is scheduled to go live on September 23rd, so stay tuned for that!  It's Called There's No
Place Like Home Fall Tour of Homes.

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