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What’s In My Bag- Tips for Staying Organized

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Hey friends!  I hope your weekend was great!  Ours felt like winter and it snowed in the mountains.  Hopefully the weather will feel more like Spring in this upcoming week.  How many of you love to read posts where people show you what’s in their bag?  I just love them!  There is just something appealing to me about getting a glimpse into what other women are carrying and how they organize their bags!  I have never written a post about what’s in my own bag, but today is the day!  Thanks to the new Give Extra, Get Extra campaign, I’m going to show you what’s in my bag, and give you some tips about how I keep my bag organized.  I love this new Extra® 35-stick pack, and it is so convenient to keep in my bag, so I am excited today to show you just what else is in there!


I just purchased this cute bucket bag from Zara for Spring, so I was excited to fill it up and carry it! I'm not the type to change my bag with every outfit.  I usually carry the same bag for the entire season, and I might change to a clutch for a special occasion, or to a cross body bag if I am travelling, but other than that, I carry the same bag on a daily basis.  And I like my bag to be large enough to fit a lot of stuff into it.  I try to keep everything organized so that I don't have to go searching around in a never ending pit for items when needed.  There are a few things I do to make it easy to find what I need, and I want to share my tips with you today, while also showing you some pictures of what's inside my bag!



My favorite type of bag is large, with lots of different compartments and pockets.  But not every bag that I purchase has that, so I have to find more creative ways to organize inside of a bag that is pretty much just one open space, like this particular bag I am carrying right now.  As you can see in the picture above, there is one pocket on the inside of this bag, and that is it. I use that one compartment to store my lipsticks, concealer, Tide to Go Pen, and mirror.   So in order to stay organized I had to create my own organization system.  

So I have learned to use a few smaller bags to separate items so that when I am looking for something, I can pull out the particular bag that contains that item.  These two Dooney and Bourke wristlets were given to me as a gift years ago, and I removed the wrist strap and I have been using them inside of my bags ever since.  One of them contains items such as dental floss, ibuprofen, and items to clean my glasses with.  The other contains my jewelry for the day, which I always pack and take to work with me to save time in the mornings.  You can read more of my tips and tricks for saving time in the mornings and getting to work on time by clicking here.  I also carry a certain type of Coach key chain that I love and will not stray from.  It zips at top and will hold small items like a lipstick or change, and then it has side pockets for credit cards and things.  I just think it is really convenient to have if you don't want to carry your entire purse or wallet with you when you head into someplace.  


The picture below shows you most everything that I keep in my purse on a daily basis.  I am addicted to lip balm, and I usually carry 2-3 different types with me at all times.  I also always have concealer, some Smashbox blush, hand sanitizer, tissues, hand lotion, and a Tide to Go pen.  Always a Tide to Go pen!  Never leave home without it!  I do at times carry additional makeup with me, but it goes into a separate makeup bag that I will slide into my purse to carry into work, or else I just carry it separately.  But that is only when I don't have time in the morning or before I leave to apply my makeup.  So it's not something I carry every day.  


My Kindle is another item that I don't carry every single day.  Only on days when I know I might want to use it.  But it will fit into my purse whenever I need it.  The small compact that says hello is actually a mirror, and it has both a regular mirror and a magnifying mirror inside.  I am of a certain age that I have begun relying on reading glasses any time I need to read or be on my phone, so I keep a pair in my purse, on my desk at work, and at home.  Having three pairs seems to work best for me because I don't have to try to remember to take them with me everywhere I go.  


I am a girl who likes to chew gum, how about you?  And it's not just me, but my entire family, including the husband.  So I always have a supply on hand.  One thing I have always hated is how my gum gets smashed in my purse, and when I go to pull out a stick its all smushed and the paper is sticking to it.  Well, gum smoosh now more, now that I have discovered the new Extra® 35-stick pack!  It comes in two awesome flavors- Extra® Gum Spearmint and Extra® Gum Polar Ice®.  I love both flavors, but believe it or not, the flavors might not be my favorite thing about this gum!  My favorite thing is the packaging!  this gum features durable, recycled packaging that will not smash in your purse!  Not to mention it is the perfect shape to slide right into a purse!  I just seriously can't get enough of the new package, and the great thing about it is that you can actually use it for something else when the gum is all gone.  


Do you need more proof that this gum is totally cool?  As I have been writing this post, the two packages of the new Extra® Gum 35-stick pack were sitting on the dining room table, and my 16 year old son walked over and took a piece.  I looked over, and he was standing there chewing his gum and looking at the package, and he asked me, "where did you get this cool package that you put those sticks of gum in?"  I told him that the gum came in the package, and he was enamored.  He actually said the words COOL!  And then he elaborated by saying how you could re-use the package and how it held a lot of gum!  So, as a mom of three and a middle school counselor, if there is one thing I have learned over the years, it's that when a teenager tells me something is cool, it usually is.  But I didn't need a teen to tell me that this time, I already knew! And trust me, not only do I carry a pack in my purse, but I also carry one in my car and my beach bag in the summer.  the first thing my kids ask for when they get into my car is gum, obviously!  And thanks to Extra® Gum 35-stick pack, I can now Give Extra, Get Extra!


Before I go, I still have a few more bag organizing tricks up my sleeve for you.  This might be obvious to some, but I always have my sunglasses in my purse, and they are always in a case. Sunglasses are one item that I cannot live without.  My eyes are sensitive to sunlight and I feel blind without them.  So if I happen to forget them, I end up stopping and buying a cheap pair just to get by. so I have started carrying a pair in my bag, and I always keep them in a case so they don't get damaged or scratched.  I really like this Vera Bradley pair I bought recently that are reading sunglasses.  And it came with the cute little case you see pictured.  

I am also a person who needs my hand lotion.  I have dry skin and apply it each time I wash my hands.  I have gotten into the habit of carrying one of the little lotions that you get in hotel rooms with me in my purse.  They are the perfect size to keep in a bag, and they are free, so you can't beat it. And hotels nowadays usually have lotions that are pretty yummy and decadent, so I always make sure to take them with me to save for my bag.  


I also use a wallet that is pretty big.  I like to have a wallet that is large enough to also hold receipts and coupons.  I really like the Vera Bradley one I am carrying now.  I have had it for years, and it has held up excellent.  It is retired, but here is a similar one to mine that I really like.  This wallet holds everything I need and then some.  I stash all of my papers into this thing with wild abandon!  and then I go through it all every couple of weeks and discard what I don't need.  


By utilizing a large wallet with lots of pockets, separate smaller bags, and a key chain that also stores small items, I am able to keep my bag fairly organized.  I'm not going to say that my purse never gets to be a mess, but with my organization system in place, my mess is kept to a minimum.  And most importantly, I am able to find what I need instead of searching in my purse for 5 minutes for an item. And as for the new Extra® Gum 35-stick packs, you can find those at Walgreens, Which is a store that I love and that I stop by frequently because I pass buy mine every day on my way home from work. And the staff in my store are so friendly and helpful that it is always a pleasure to shop there.

You can find this gum in the chewing gum aisle or in the checkout line at your local Walgreens.  I predict you are gonna love it just like we do!


Have you seen the new Extra® Gum 35-stick packs in stores yet?  Do you have a favorite flavor, and what do you think of the packaging?  I would love to read your thoughts and opinions in the comments below.  I love your comments and I read every single one!  I hope you enjoyed getting a glimpse into my bag today, and I hope even more that I shared some good tips to help you organize your own bag.  Have a great Monday, and remember to celebrate life's little moments, and Give Extra, Get Extra

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