Tuesday, May 3, 2016

April in Review

Hey friends!  Welp, it's May, and they say that April showers bring May flowers, but so far, where I live, it's just bringing showers, so hopefully that starts looking up really soon!  We are trying to get some work done around the outside of our house, and it keeps getting delayed due to the weather, aargh!  April was a pretty busy month for me because it is the height of high school track season, and Mr. 16 year old is a runner.  And did you know that track meets last most of the darn day?  It was slow going for any projects around here, but we did manage to get a few things done.  Here is a nice little review of what went on at SPP in April, you know, just in case you missed something!

I have some cool things on the horizon for this little blog of mine, so I do hope you will stick around to find out what they are!  I have some exciting blog related news that I hope to be sharing some time in May.  And track season will be coming to a close in a few weeks, so I hope to get back to work on some projects to share.  We are in the middle of some pretty exciting improvements around the outside of our house, which I linked to above, so we will be sharing all of those in May as well.  So that, my friends, wraps up April for SPP!  I hope so much that you will stick around with me for whatever April has in store!  Have a good Tuesday!  I'll be spending my evening at a track meet, how about you? 

Do you have champagne taste and a tiny budget like me?  Love fashion, DIY, crafting, all things vintage and thrifty?  Stick with me, I've got you covered!
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