Sunday, April 17, 2016

Jewelry That Smells Good


Hey friends!  It has been a beautiful weekend here in West Virginia, and I hope yours was equally as pretty.  I have something really special to share with you today.  Do you ever have one of those moments where you discover something really awesome, and you think to yourself, why didn't I think of that?  Well, that is kind of what I thought when I discovered this amazing line of jewelry called Vessel Scents of Style.  I was so enthralled by it that I contacted the company and proposed a collaboration with them.  They agreed to send me a piece of jewelry of my choosing to review on the blog.  I chose the long cross necklace that you will see in all of my pictures today.  And I love this necklace you guys!

Before we get started, have you checked out My 20 Favorite Spring Fashion Trends yet?  If not, check it out, so much Spring and Summer shopping inspiration!


Vessel Scents of Style combines fragrance and jewelry into custom accessory pieces.  They create a fusion of scent and style, and I just think it is the best idea!  I'm kind of crazy about necklaces, so of course I chose to receive a necklace.  



Here's how it works.  First you choose the locket you want.  I chose the cross locket.  Next you choose the chain you want.  I chose the 30 inch Alexa chain.  Then you choose your scent spheres.  I chose the hot pink scent spheres.  I chose this color because I didn't really have any jewelry in this color, and I often wish I did.  Lastly you choose your scent.  I chose the summery citrus.  This fragrance is fresh, feminine and floral.  It smells really good!  I am glad I chose it.


I have worn this necklace a few times since receiving it a couple of weeks ago.  This is an outfit I wore to a baby shower a couple of weeks ago.  The necklace showed up better in person than it did in the pictures.  I also want to mention that the lace skirt you see peeking out at the bottom of my dress is a slip that I purchased at a thrift store.  I just rolled it up at the waist several times and pinned it.




Below, I styled it for casual Friday.  I liked the casual vibe of this outfit with jeans, white shirt, pink tank, and a long open sweater.  If you read my style posts, I'm sure you will be seeing this new necklace of mine on repeat all summer!  And I have to give a big thank you to Rick at 
Vessel Scents of Style for shipping this necklace to me for review.  It's my new favorite!



If you like the idea of this scented jewelry as much as I do, head on over to Vessel Scents of Style and check out their website.  They have so many cute things, from necklaces to rings to bracelets to earrings, you will find something to love!  Have a great Monday!

This post does contain affiliate links.  If you click on them and purchase an item, I will receive a small percentage of commission.  By clicking the link, you are NOT paying any more than you  ordinarily would.

Do you have champagne taste and a tiny budget like me?  Love fashion, DIY, crafting, all things vintage and thrifty?  Stick with me, I've got you covered!
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