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Two Fun Easter Candy Crafts

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Two fun Easter Candy crafts

Hey friends!  Happy St. Patrick's Day to all of you, are you wearing your green today? I am!  Don't want to get pinched, wink wink!  The crafts I  have to share with you today are so super cute you guys, and they are also easy to recreate.  I made these crafts for My daughter to be able to use in her college apartment to give her a touch of Easter spirit.  I still like to make her an Easter basket, but I put no traditional things in it, and she loves for her apartment to look homey and cute, so I thought she would really enjoy these adorable Easter crafts this year that I made out of candy.  If you like these ideas, keep reading, because I am going to tell you how you can make these two crafts yourself.  The first one I made is a jellybean tree made using Starburst Sweet and Sour Jellybeans, and the second is a bunny with a fluffy pom pom tail that I made using Easter M&M's White Strawberry Shortcake M&M's.  I just love candy, and Easter candy especially!   If you live near a Target Super Store (sadly, I do not), they are having a sampling event on March 20, so don't forget to stop by and sample some of this yummy candy!

The M&M's White Strawberry Shortcake flavor is simply delicious, and I couldn't help but have a few while making my craft.  They are only being sold for a limited time, and they are exclusively sold at Target, so get them while they last!  And the Starburst sweet and sour jellybeans are equally yummy, and jellybeans are one of my favorite things about Easter- I just can't help myself!  I love DOVE chocolate, and these new DOVE Peanut Butter Eggs are perfection.  The Orbit Eggs that are filled with gum are perfect to include in an Easter basket, especially for teenagers.  What teen doesn't have a constant supply of gum?  And honestly, Orbit is my favorite gum because it maintains it's flavor for a very long time.  

You can click these links below for some awesome coupons to use at Target to receive a percentage off of your Easter candy!  You are welcome!

Now let's talk about these super cute Easter candy crafts, starting with this bunny I made using M&M's White Strawberry Shortcake.  Here is what you will need.

3 bags of M&M's White Strawberry Shortcake
Shadow box or frame of your choosing, I am using a shadow box.  If you use a frame, you will need to remove the glass.  You could also use a canvas.
Poster Board with foam in the middle, cut to size of frame or canvas
Bunny drawing or template (I googled bunny printable and found mine and printed it out)
Pom pom for tail
Hot glue gun

How you do it:
I purchased my shadow box at Target specifically to use for this project, but I did not use the backing that came with it because I wanted to be able to use it for other decor in the future, since my bunny is seasonal.  I simply removed it and put it someplace for safekeeping, and replaced it with my foam poster board that I cut to size.  I used this heavy poster board because once you have all of the M&M's glued on, it is heavy, so you need something sturdy to support the weight.  I printed out the bunny I wanted to use as a template, and then traced it onto the foam poster board.  Then I just started attaching them to the board using hot glue.  I started by outlining my bunny in the white ones, and then I filled in the ears with the pink ones.  Lastly, I filled in the rest of the bunny with the peach ones.  After I had the first layer all glued on, I decided to add another layer to hide the gaps where poster board was showing through.  

I am so glad I took the extra time to do this, because it gave my bunny so much more texture and interest.  The last thing I did was add the white pom pom as the bunny tail.  I placed my little bunny on my entryway just because it looked cute there for photos, but it is going to be leaving me eventually and joining my daughter at her apartment.  I may just need to make one for myself, because I am so in love with this little bunny, I don't want to say goodbye to her.  You will need three bags of M&M's White Strawberry Shortcake for this project, especially if you use the colors the way I did.  You will have left overs, but I did have to open all three bags to get the colors I needed to do the project.  The rest went into our bellies! 

This next project, the jellybean tree, is so super easy!  I was initially going to use branches that I collected from my yard, but when I saw this adorable Easter tree at Target, I knew it was meant for my jellybean tree.  Can I just say that Target did it again this year with their Easter decor.  So many cute things that I wanted to bring home!  I cannot get enough of Target, honestly.  

Hot glue gun
Easter tree or branches

How you do it:

I almost feel like it is not necessary to give you a tutorial for this, because it is so simple.  Basically all you need to do is fluff the branches of this tree  to make it look full, and hot glue your jellybeans onto the tree.  I did one jellybean on the tip of each branch.  And voila!  You have the most adorable little Easter tree!  So cute!  You will have lots of leftover jellybeans to enjoy afterwards too- bonus!

This jellybean tree is probably going home with my daughter too, but of course I had to photograph it in my house as well, because I simply don't want to part with either of these cute Easter crafts!  I need help people!

I didn't do a craft with these Dove Peanut Butter Eggs.  I just put them out in a bowl for my family to enjoy, and enjoy they did, they are long gone already!  I live with a couple of peanut butter lovers so treats like this don't last long at our house.  And of Course there will be DOVE Milk Chocolate Bunnys in every Easter basket, because a chocolate Bunny is just something that has to go into every Easter basket, right?

I hope you enjoyed my Easter crafts today, and I hope you are inspired to try one for yourself.  Or you could simply this delicious candy by sitting them out in dishes to enjoy with your family, and of course they are perfect for Easter baskets.  What do you think of my Easter candy crafts?  Have you made any crafts before using candy?  I'm getting a sweet tooth just writing this post!  I hope you enjoy your day, and thanks for stopping by!

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