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Switcharoom Part 1 - Our Adult Daughter's Bedroom

Black Floppy hat//  Dress Form similar// Gray throw similar similar// Furry throw pillow// sequins pillow similar

Hey friends!  Guess what?  Our two oldest kids switched rooms!  And my very clever hubby came up with the title for this post.  I asked for ideas, and he shouted out "switcharoom"!  While I pondered, 5 seconds later, he laughed and said "you like it"!  So switcharoom it is!  Ha!  Today is the big reveal of our daughter Delaney's new bedroom, and I will show you Mr. 15 Year Old's new bedroom in a different post coming soon.  Switching rooms was a hot mess, let me just tell you.  We completely emptied two bedrooms in our home!  We still have a few things to complete in this bedroom, but I still think it looks pretty the way it is now, so I decided to show you now, and then as we complete the few things that need done, I will show you the progress in subsequent posts.  Below is the bedroom before, when it belonged to our son.  The yellow was the color this room was when we moved into this house.  We were in a rush to move, so I slapped some chalkboard paint on the top half of one wall and called it a day.  

Update:  This room has been featured on Shutterfly as part of a roundup of 75 Rad Teen Room Ideas. Thanks Shutterfly!

boys bedroom- before

So, let me explain.  Mr. 15 Year Old was housed in the upstairs bedroom across the hall from us. Update:  See his finished new room here  Our 19 (almost 20, yikes!) year old daughter, Delaney, was housed downstairs and had her own bathroom. Well, she is currently living away at college, and Mr. 15 Year Old had been begging for over a year to get her bedroom.  And we also liked the idea.  It gives both him and us a lot more privacy, plus it alleviates a lot of the bickering between him and Mr. 8 Year old, who used to be next door to each other.  There was only one person in this scenario who wasn't in love with the idea, and that was Delaney.  But since she doesn't live at home full time (she has her own apartment), we decided it would work better for our family if they switched, and I lured her in with the thoughts of decorating a whole new room starting from scratch (what girl on the planet doesn't love that idea?) It's hard to believe that this room pictured here today is the same room you see in the above picture, isn't it? While both rooms were emptied, we took advantage of the situation and rented a carpet cleaner and shampooed the carpets.  Can I just say gross?

Adult daughter's bedroom

All of the decisions made on the decor in this room were made by Delaney.  And she is a lover of neutrals.  Since there was a pre-existing chair rail in the room, she decided to do white on the bottom of the room and gray on the top.  One of the perks of being a blogger is that from time to time, I am offered free products to use in exchange for blogging about them.  And I was thrilled to have been offered all of the paint for both room transformations.  The paint I used is sold at Lowe's, and it is from their HGTV HOME™ by Sherwin-Williams line of paint.  This paint has several different color collections to choose from.  And each color collection has over 20 colors to choose from that are designed to work beautifully together.  It's a full proof way to create a cohesive look in your home. 

The top half of the wall is Dorian Gray, and the bottom half is the color White Gallery.  Both of the finishes are flat.  I had requested the finish to be eggshell, but they were out of the eggshell base, so we went with flat, and it really is a beautiful finish.  I have to say, I am so in love with this bedroom! I could not be happier with the colors or the finish with this paint.  I would say the gray is a medium gray color, and the white is a wonderful shade of white.  I will definitely be using this paint again in the future, I can guarantee it!  

Chenille bedspread similar

The amount of natural light that pours into this room is such a joy to me!  I can't even tell you!  When Mr. 15 Year Old lived here, it felt like a cave.  He kept the blinds closed at all times, and then there was that chalkboard wall, and did you know 15 year old boys are messy ( in my son's case, very messy) and kind of stinky?  Let's just say I avoided going in there most of the time.  Sometimes if he wasn't home, I would go in and open the blinds, but not for long.  And now, since Delaney is only home once every few weeks, the blinds can stay open all day, and the room is always clean and neat because she isn't here!  So I now have a pretty, light filled, and clean room across the hallway that I get to look at every day, and I have to say, YAY FOR ME!!!  Have you noticed the bedspread yet? We got this from LC's grandmother's home after she passed.  When I was growing up these kind of bedspreads were all the rage.  At least I remember both sets of my grandparents having them.  So I scooped this gem of a bedspread up as soon as I saw it, and I just knew one day it would find a home. And since Delaney is a vintage lover just like her Mama, she was happy to have it on her bed, plus white is neutral so win win!

Vanity Table similar// galvanized metal storage bin// laundry hamper similar

If you have been reading my blog for a long time, you might remember me blogging about the makeup vanity you see above.  My daughter painted this a couple of years ago.  But she is tired of it now, so it is going to get a fresh coat of white paint soon.  And you might remember the gold rub n buff mirror that I used to have hanging over our fireplace mantel.  It now has a home here.  We haven't decided yet whether to hang it or prop it, so for now it is propped.  And the stool that goes with this vanity has broken a thousand times, so right now we are in search of something different for seating.  If you look at the mirror over the dresser, you can see remnants of stickers from her teenage years.  Those are soon to be removed.  


The wall where her dresser is, is the wall where my son's bed used to be.  The transformation is unbelievable, don't you think?

Before- Boys bedroom

Delaney has a collection of vintage cameras that will soon be displayed on some DIY shelves we have yet to finish.  You can see them peeking out from the left of the dresser in the picture below. Some bins that we purchased to store some of her things she doesn't want displayed are stacked there for now as well.  

Adult daughter's bedroom

The picture above her bed is a pencil sketch that a classmate of hers drew and gave to her.  Isn't it awesome?  I had it framed for her for Christmas a couple of years ago.  She purchased the striped pillows, the furry pillows, and the grey throw all at Marshalls to go with her new bedding. Obviously, the bedding did not come with pillow shams, so I purchased two textured white shams from Target, and they look just fine.  

Adult daughter's bedroom

Adult daughter's bedroom

The wall right behind her dress form will be where we hang her new shelves.  There will be three good sized shelves there for her to store things and display her cameras.  

Adult daughter's bedroom

Adult daughter's bedroom

The map you see below propped on her hamper is waiting to be hung.  I think it would look good right there next to my DIY gold mirror, what do you think?  This was a piece of art that we got from LC's brother who passed.  So it is special and will stay with us always.  The bedroom hasn't really been decorated yet, and she will have a TV in here, but we haven't gotten that far yet either.  For now, the painting is finished, the furniture has been moved in, and everything is fresh and clean.  But I can't wait to show you the final reveal!  she doesn't quite feel at home in here yet, because it's not finished, so hopefully we can get it done soon.  

Adult daughter's bedroom

We plan to make draperies from a couple of drop cloths, and she wants to tie die them in grey and white.  I'll be sure to share the finished product!  For now though, I am so enjoying the light pouring in these windows on a daily basis!

Adult daughter's bedroom

Adult daughter's bedroom

Adult daughter's bedroom

Since our hallway has  no natural light other than what comes from each of the three bedrooms, it is so nice to be able to have the blinds open and the door open most of the time to this bedroom.  You can see into the room here from standing in the hallway, and you can see our DIY rustic wood wall is just outside of her bedroom.  

DIY rustic wood wall

Just in case you had never seen Delaney's previous bedroom, I thought I would show it to you.  We did this room below when we moved into this house three 1/2 years ago.  this is the downstairs bedroom that now belongs to Mr. 15 Year Old.  And just wait until you see how it looks now. Another complete transformation that looks completely different!  Stay tuned for that!

Boho teenage girls room

I am dying to know, what do you think of the transformation?  I am smiling from ear to ear over it. And I must say, although I love Mr. 15 Year Old to pieces, it is a good change to have him a little further away now.  He has more privacy, and so do we.  He can have friends over without them being right across the hallway from us, and that, my friends, is a very good thing!  Plus, the two boys haven't been arguing and fighting nearly as much, so win win!  do you prefer the colorful teenage girl room below, or the more grown up neutral bedroom that Delaney now has?  It's funny how our tastes change in just a few short years isn't it?  

Have a happy hump day all, and I hope you will come back to see the second part of switcharoom! 

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