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Now Wear This- 6 Ways to Style a Blanket Scarf

Hey friends!  If you have been reading my style posts for any amount of time, then you know that I love a good scarf.  I wear them several days a week.  I think they are the perfect accessory to an outfit, and they create a great layered look, which this cold natured girl really likes.  I bought this particular blanket scarf for a steal on clearance at American Eagle in the fall.


I thought today, I would show you some different ways you can style a blanket scarf, just in case you really love them like I do, but you just feel uncomfortable knowing how to arrange all of that material so that you don't look like you are drowning in your scarf.  Styling a blanket scarf can be intimidating.  So if you are a little intimidated to wear one, this post will hopefully help you today.  I am starting by showing you how I styled my blanket scarf a couple of weeks ago, and then I will show you some pictures of other people styling their blanket scarves, you should walk away today with some great ideas for how to wear one.  Enjoy!  And at the bottom of the post, I have created a collage of some of my favorite blanket scarves, just click the arrow on the right to scroll through and see all of them.  

Shirt dress (old)// blanket scarf similar// black wedge boots similar// snakeskin belt

I love the way I styled my blanket scarf with this outfit, I felt very comfy and cozy and warm all day. I wore this outfit to work not long ago.  A blanket scarf is kind of like a blanket.  It is shaped in a large square.  To get this look, I took two opposite corners of the scarf and folded the scarf into a triangle.  I then just wrapped it around my shoulders, leaving the two pointy corners hanging down in the front.  I then put a belt around it to keep it in place.  You can see in the pictures below that I only put the belt around the front of my scarf.  It is hanging loose in the back.  YOU can do whatever you think looks best for your outfit, for mine, I thought it looked better hanging loosely in the back.  The dress I am wearing is a short sleeve shirt dress that I bought at The Limited several years ago.  So to dress it up for winter, I wore a striped three quarter length sleeve shirt underneath, and then the blanket scarf over it.  



I love the way this next scarf is being worn.  It just might be my favorite!  Just take two corners on the same side of the scarf and tie them in a little knot at one shoulder.  This give a similar look as a tunic, and I totally dig it!  You will be seeing me wear mine like this before winter ends!

6 Ways to Style a Blanket Scarf

This look is really cute too, and fairly self explanatory.  Just take two ends and tie together in front, kind of like a super man look!  I love the pastel colors of this scarf with the black pants.  Unfortunately I don't have any idea where this scarf was purchased, sorry!

6 Ways to Style a Blanket Scarf

This is probably the most common way people will wear a blanket scarf.  Just fold into a triangle, and hold it out in front of your body.  Wrap each end around the back of your shoulders, and back to the front on each side.  The point of the triangle is right in front of your chest, and the two end points are hanging down in front as well.  

6 Ways to Style a Blanket Scarf

Here is another person who chose to wear her scarf very similar to the way I am wearing mine.  I love her plaid!  and she is wearing hers in a much more casual way.

6 Ways to Style a Blanket Scarf

I love the way this scarf is styled.  It is folded into a triangle and just loosely draped around her shoulders.  Just like I did, but with no belt.  I just want to mention, this girl is probably quite a bit younger than me.  I would never wear a shirt that shows my middle, EVER!

6 Ways to Style a Blanket Scarf

This one is worn in the same way as the picture above, but it has a more casual vibe, and she is snuggled up in it more.  This is the perfect weekend outfit.  

6 Ways to Style a Blanket Scarf

And then this is probably the most simple way to wear it.  Just throw it around your shoulders and let it hang loosely.  

6 Ways to Style a Blanket Scarf

This one is styled like a traditional scarf might be.  just grab all of the material together (don't fold into a triangle) and start at the front of your neck.  Wrap each side around your shoulder and back to the front.  

6 Ways to Style a Blanket Scarf

I hope I inspired you today to try wearing a blanket scarf.  They are a little more expensive than a regular scarf, but now is a great time to buy one, because spring is almost here, so there are some good deals to be had.  Below, you will see some that I picked out and love.  You can click the arrow to the right on the picture, and it will scroll through to more scarves.  I hope you find one that you can't live without!

It's a cold and blustery day here where I live, so I'll be spending the day trying to stay warm.  How will you be spending your Saturday?  Tomorrow is Valentine's Day, and I have a hot date with my 8 year old Sweetheart!  We thought it would be fun to let Mr. 8 Year Old take me on a date tomorrow, so we are going for dessert!  He is excited, and LC is going to give him money so he can feel like he is treating me!  Enjoy your weekend!

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