Thursday, January 28, 2016

What I'm Loving

What I'm Loving

Hey friends!  I wish we could meet for coffee or tea.  I have a favorite local place (Almost Heaven Desserts) that has fabulous desserts and hot drinks, and it is a place where I like to sit and chat with friends and catch up what happening in each others lives, or just have a half hour alone with LC to chat.  I wish you and I could meet there and sit and chat, tell a few jokes, just dish, you know?  And we would talk about some of our latest and greatest finds.  I discover some of the best things through friends, don't you?  And that is what I want this series to feel like.  Just a chat with a girlfriend.  I love to share discoveries with friends, and I consider you my friend, because you are here reading this right now.  So let me tell you some things I am loving right now.  

I would have never known how great these Ugg slippers were it not for a girl sitting next to me in my barre class.  She told me she got a pair for Christmas and how dreamy they were.  Now I am a slippers kind of girl, let me tell you.  I hate having cold feet, because if my feet are cold my entire body is cold.  And I wear slippers at least 8 months out of the year.  I always buy kind of cheapo slippers, wear them until they start falling apart, and then buy another pair.  And I like the kind with a hard sole, so I can go out to the garage in them and things like that.  I have never splurged on a pair of slippers before, but one day I told LC I wanted these slippers for Valentines Day, and he said yes!  He ordered these for me, and when they came earlier this week, he asked me whether I wanted them now or on V-Day.  I said now!  Why throw away a few weeks of cold not wearing them?  And let me tell you, these slippers are worth every single penny.  I guarantee these will last me 3-4 times longer than my cheapo slippers, and talk about warm- so warm!  Love them!  

Ugg slippers

My daughter and I both received this Spintastic Face and Body Brush for Christmas.  Mine is blue and hers is pink.  And we both agree that we love them!  It comes with 4 brushes that are super easy to change:  one exfoliating brush, one cleansing brush, one body brush, and one pumice stone.  I have used all of them but the pumice stone, but Delaney says that pumice stone is awesome.  The great things about this brush is that you can use it in the shower too.  I just love the way this brush makes my skin look and feel afterwards.  I put on my moisturizer, and my skin is glowing!  

Spintastic facial and body brush

I bought myself this leopard print mid heel wedge from Sole Society right before Christmas.  I have leopard flats and booties, but so many times I wished I had something a bit dressier, so when I saw these at a great price point, I ordered them.  I really like them too!  They did hurt my feet a tad the first day I wore them, but I think they will break in nicely.  I love a wedge because you can get the height you want, but they are easier to wear.  And as for what do you wear leopard with, I have said before, and even written a whole post about it, leopard is a neutral, so it goes with a gazillion things!  And right now they are on sale for $41.97.  
Leopard mid heel wedges

My daughter chose this scent for me for Christmas.  I like to wear a less expensive scent for every day.  I have a few expensive scents that I like to save for date nights and weekends, but to wear to work, I don't want to use my expensive stuff, so I like places like Bath and Body Works and Victoria's Secret for an every day scent to wear.  This Japanese Cherry Blossom is a warm fragrance of pear, Japanese Cherry Blossom and sandalwood.  and right now you can get get buy 3 get 3 free, or buy 2 get 1 free.  
Japanese Cherry Blossom fragrance

These boots were a Christmas gift from my parents that I asked for.  I didn't have a pair of grey boots, and I had been on the lookout.  I found these over the knee boots at JCPenneys.  They are the Liz Claiborne Polly Riding boots.  What do I like about them?  I like that the backs are stretchy, and that they are slim fitting.  They come just barely over the knee, and I like the heel height.  Now, let me just say I am over 40, and I don't feel appropriate in an over the knee boot that has high heels. Maybe that's just me, but no.  These boots are very comfy too, and right now they are on clearance for $29.99, which is way less than my mom paid for them.  

tall grey riding boots

And that's a wrap for what I'm loving right now!  If you have something that you are loving that you would like to share, please share away in the comments, I read every one.  Do any of you reading this own any of these items, and if so, what is your opinion on them?  Have a great Thursday evening!

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