Monday, January 11, 2016

Project Goals For 2016

 Hi friends!  I hope you are enjoying your weekend and getting recharged for the week ahead!  We spent part of yesterday visiting my Grandad and my Granny at the nursing home where they live.  It always amazes me the stories that my grandad has to tell, and how he clearly remembers everything, even at the age of 90!  My Granny – not so much, she has dementia, but she did recognize me yesterday, although she didn’t know my name.  I do think she really enjoyed our visit though.  Today, I want to share with you my project goals for 2016.  Ever since I started blogging, I try to make some project goals each year that I want to accomplish.  I find that it helps me to stay on track.  But I’m not too hard on myself about sticking to my plan.  Usually most things get done, but sometimes I completely change my mind and go in a different direction, and that’s OK!  Here were my 12 goals for 2015.

1.  Paint walls and ceiling in living room.  Check!  I am happy to say that this project had been looming over our heads for years, and it is finally done! 

Painted living room gray owl by benjamin moore

2.  Hang light over sink in downstairs bathroom.  Sadly, this is not done yet.  This has been on my list of things to do since moving into this house, and  I hate that it isn’t done.  And the reason is because we don’t have the know-how to do it, and we have finally decided to hire help.  So I’m hoping by the end of the year it will be finished! 

Project Goals for 2016

3.  Replace light over the sink in the master bathroom.  Check!  We were able to accomplish this goal, and we were very happy to say goodbye to the 1990’s light that was there. 

Vanity and sink makeover

4.  Refinish vanity and sink in boy’s bathroom.  We never even started on this.  Well, we did purchase a piece of granite to use on the vanity, and are planning to buy a sink soon, so plans are being made!  This will be carried over to 2016. 

Project Goals for 2016

5.  Refinish kitchen island.  This is partially complete.  I did paint it, and we even added new legs to the island (but I haven’t even shown the project on the blog yet.  I will be sharing it soon, but here’s a sneak peek for you.  Next up, we plan to add a new top to the island, and it will hopefully be done by spring. 


6.  DIY a desk area in family room.  This is something that we decided against.  The work space was supposed to be for LC, and we decided after he started his job to give it a couple of months and then decide if he really needed a separate space to work.  And he decided that he didn’t, so we nixed this goal altogether. 

7.  Clean and organize garage and storage closet.  Well. this got partly finished.  We did clean out the storage closet, but the garage, sadly, was not touched.  This is something we still know needs done though. 

organized storage room

8.  Repaint checkerboard pattern on back deck.  Check!  This is actually a project that Mr. 15 Year Old did for us. 

Checkerboard painted deck

9.  Paint boy’s bathroom and add wood trim work to walls.  This was not even started.  We decided to focus our attention on the master bathroom more this year than the boys’ bathroom.  And we also decided that when we do get to work on it, we are going to add AirStone to the bottom half of the walls.  We have a bunch left over from our fireplace surround project, so this will be free. 

10.  Add old fence wood to small wall in upstairs hallway.  Check!  And this happens to be one of my favorite projects we finished this year, love it!

rustic reclaimed wood wall

11.  Make over chandelier in dining room and move it to center over table.  This did not get completed, but we have made progress.  We decided not to make over the chandelier we currently have in that room, because I bought a new one for $5 at a yard sale.  We have had it rewired to that we can use it in the dining room, and I still need to spray paint it and we need to change otu the lights. 

christmas dining room

12.  Replace outdoor lights on the front of the house.  Check!  We are so happy to have this completed, and it certainly helped add to the curb appeal of the house. 

changing an outdoor light fixture

We completed a little more than half of the projects on our list last year.  I say that because 6 of them are completed, and a few others are under progress.  I’m not upset at all that only half of them have been completed, because there were so many other things we accomplished that never even made the list at all.  So I consider 2015 to be a success.  Now, onto our goals for 2016!  Here are the things we would like to accomplish this year. 

1.  Install subway tiles in the master bathroom.  These will be above the shower area, above the bathtub area, and a backsplash over the sink.  This is one of the next projects we will be starting on.  I already have the tiles and other supplies purchased. 

2.  Switch bedrooms of my daughter, Delaney, and Mr. 15 Year Old.  Since Delaney doesn’t live here full time anymore, we have decided to move our oldest son downstairs to her bedroom.  This will give both him and us some much needed privacy (his bedroom is right across the hallway from ours).  When he makes the move, he will be downstairs and he will have his own bathroom.  Delaney will then be moved upstairs across from us and share a bathroom with Mr. 8 Year Old.  We also think this arrangement will be better because the two boys fight a lot, and they will not be in as close prsimity to each other anymore.  We have already begun painting the two rooms to get the move accomplished, so stay tuned!

3.  Change out chandelier in dining room.  As I stated above, we have the chandelier, but we need to spray paint it, so we won’t be able to probably do this until we can get outside to spray paint.  But I love the new chandelier, and I can’t wait to get this done!

4.  Add a light over the sink in downstairs bathroom.  This has made the list every year, but I vow that this will be the year that this gets done!  I even have the light already!

5.  Add rustic wood top to kitchen island.  We are hoping to finish this before spring. 

6.  Build a Farmhouse table for the dining room.  This is one that I am super excited about!  I am very tired of the table we currently have, and I want a table that six chairs can fit around.  We hope to finish this during the summer. 

7.  Make over the vanity and sink in upstairs bathroom.  As I said earlier, we purchased a piece of granite, and will be purchasing a new sink.  We also have new fixtures for this room.  So we are excited to finish up the master bath and get started on this bathroom!

8.  Install AirStone on walls in upstairs bathroom.  This is another project that we already have the materials for, it’s just a matter of getting it done. 

9.  Clean out Garage and attic and have a yard sale.  We are really hoping to accomplish this goal over the summer.  It is way overdue!

10.  Replace the coffee table in the living room.  We are very close to this goal being done.  We actually ordered a new coffee table from Wayfair and are waiting for it to arrive!

11.  Replace falling down fence in back yard.  We wanted to do this last summer, and ran out of funds.  But this year, it will be done!

12.  Replace the area rug in the dining room.  Ours has seen better days and it has got to go.  This will probably happen sooner than later, it is just a matter of finding the right rug at this point. 

Wow!  Anyone wanna take bets on how many of these we can get finished before 2017?    As I said before, we use these goals as a guideline to help us focus throughout the year, but we know that things change and things happen, so only time will tell how the year pans out.  Wish us luck!

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