Thursday, January 14, 2016

Over 40 Women’s Guide to Wearing Colored Tights

Over 40 Women's guide to wearing colored tights

Hi friends!  Did you know that red happens to be my favorite color?  Well, it is!  And I love incorporating red into my clothing, a lot.  I have this pair of tights that are red, well, they are probably technically magenta, and I love them, but I always have a hard time styling them.  I was able to style them with the black dress and plaid scarf you see pictured, and I liked the result, but when I want to wear them, I am often stumped.  I started thinking about colored tights, and this color in particular (but honestly you could plug in pretty much any color of tights), and I wondered if maybe there are some other women out there around my age who love colored tights but are afraid to wear them because they don't know how to style them.  And that is how this post was born.  I am going to give you some inspiration today to step out of your comfort zone and try colored tights.  All of my pictures are of magenta tights, but you will see that they could easily be any color- gold, blue, turquoise, green, whatever you like!  I believe that women over 40 can have fun with colored tights if they do it the right way.  Color loving women, UNITE!  Also, just so you know, not all of the women pictured in this post are probably over 40, but I used their styles as examples because I think they are approriate for over 40 women.  

Here, Merrick styled them with all neutrals.  So you can easily see how any color of tight will work with a similar outfit.   I absolutely love this outfit.  This outfit is two years old, but I think is still totally on trend.  What do you think?  I found this dress that really reminds me of the one pictured below.  And the rest of this outfit are pretty much staples that you quite possibly already have in your wardrobe.

Guide to Wearing Colored Tights

 Black Dress- Gap (old) similar// scarf similar// magenta tights// booties similar

I love the look of a summery dress styled to wear in the winter.  and this is the perfect example.  Take a floral dress, throw on trendy jacket, a cozy scarf, and a pair of colored tights.  I love the way these tights and the scarf bring out the wine color in the dress.  Speaking of wine, I would love a glass right now ;)  anyway, you could mimic this look even if you don't have this dress, just pick any floral dress and you can style yours similarly!  I found this floral dress that I think would look great styled this exact same way!  And if you are in the market for a moto jacket, here is a cute one that I love, and this scarf is just adorable!

Guide to Wearing Colored Tights


You can't really tell in this picture below, but Sarah's dress has tiny horses all over it, so cute.  But this look could easily be replicated with a polka dotted dress.  I actually think I have everything already hanging in my closet to replicate this look if I really think about it.  You can't go wrong with a polka dot dress, or any black and white pattern dress, in my book.  I like this dress, and this sweater.  If you like the shoes she is wearing, here they are.  I think they are a classic neutral heel that would go with a million things.  

Guide to Wearing Colored Tights


This outfit below is also one that I could easily recreate out of my own closet.  As a matter of fact I think I might.  I have a pair of brown peep toe booties that I think would look just as cute as the black ones that she is wearing ( here is a cute pair of black ones).  A black shirt dress is a great staple to have in your closet, here is a cute one. An animal print scarf is another great item to have on hand, I have worn mine a thousand times.   
Guide to Wearing Colored Tights

Before I finish up this post for today, one thing, seeing these pictures of myself really makes me want a new pair of black booties, so I am going to start shopping around for one that I like, because I think that I am pretty much over the ones that I have.  Anyhoo, I hope that I inspired you today to try something new if you are a color loving girl like myself.  I sure am inspired!  Thanks for stopping by today!  Come back soon!

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