Sunday, January 3, 2016

December in Review

Hi friends!  I can’t believe my Christmas Break is coming to an end.  I go back to the grind tomorrow, as do many of us.  We took down our Christmas decor yesterday, and in classic Clark Griswald style, my husband fell through the ceiling while bringing boxes down from that attic.  So now we have a hole in our hallway ceiling.  You can see a pictures I shared on Instagram if you follow me there.  And somehow, for the first 15 minutes after the accident, it became all my fault because of all of my junk.  But he quickly remedied that when he realized that was not a good plan of action, ha!  He was not injured, only one leg went through, but we think we may have to hire someone to fix it because our ceilings are textured and we can’t match it.  In other news, after we packed Christmas away, I stayed up until 3 am cleaning and decorating my house for winter.  It was a late night, but it felt so good to wake up this morning and have it finished!  I’m trying to get back to a regular blogging agenda, so today I wanted to take a look back at December.  The Holiday season is a crazy time, but a wonderful time, so here is what you may have missed around here in December!

DIY Rustic Wood Wall

Wow!  That is a wrap for December!  My husband and I were talking just last night about what a wonderful Christmas season we had this year.  It was busy, but it was good.  We managed to squeeze in time with both family and friends, participated in Christmas concerts, plays, and pageants, made cookies and decorated gingerbread houses.  I don’t think we could have asked for a better Christmas this year, and we feel so blessed.  And now, it is time to start new beginnings for a fresh and new 2016!  I am planning a post to go over what we accomplished at Sweet Parrish Place in the past year, and what is in store for 2016 soon, so stay tuned!  Have a great Sunday!

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