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Counselor By Day, International Blogger By Night: City Resident Nicki Parrish Finds Success Online

By Trina Runner on January 17, 2016

This is an article about me and this little blog of mine that was shared in two local online news magazines over the weekend and yesterday, so I thought I would share it on my own blog as well! This is the first time my blog has been publicly noticed locally, so it's kind of a big deal for me.  Thanks to Trina Runner for approaching me about writing this article, I hope you enjoy reading it! -  We all do it.  Perusing through Pinterest, mentally decorating a ideal room, creating the perfect outfit or pinning recipes to impress.  It’s just human nature to dream and maybe even put those projects on the “to-do” list, but very few of us take it any further than that.  Then there’s Nicki Parrish, by day a counselor at Mountaineer Middle School, by night a blogger of all things beautiful.
It was never her intent to blog.  In fact, until recently, she knew very little about it.  “Starting in 2011. I discovered the world of blogging and became obsessed with DIY (Do It Yourself) and home decorating blogs,” said Parrish.  Sites like Pinterest certainly served as inspiration, but it was a blog called, Young House Love that really spurned her interest in creating a blog of her own.
“I found that there were so many opportunities through blogging including a potentially sizable income, book deals, and free products,” said Parrish, who started her blog Sweet Parrish Place in October of 2012.  Initially, she gave herself five years to try to seriously work on her blog before reevaluating her goals.  If the past three years are any indication, Parrish will be blogging long past that five year goal.
Immersing herself in blogging education materials, Parrish has continued to improve the blog, which features home improvement projects, decorating tips, and fashion ideas.  Last year, she had the opportunity to attend Haven, a blog conference in Atlanta that focused on DIY bloggers.
“The conference is one of the biggest and best in the country,” she said.  “I was able to meet many of the bloggers who inspired me and even had lunch with two HGTV stars.  I was absolutely thrilled that some of them had actually heard of me and my blog.”
After attending the conference, Parrish partnered with several brands, including Purdy, Homeright, and Osbourne Wood products, demonstrating how they could be used in home projects. 
A self-described “light core” DIY blogger, Parrish dabbles in a little bit of everything in her blog.  “I love crafting, vintage things, cleaning and organizing, painting and doing any DIY project along those lines,” she said.
She also has a long history with fashion.  Though blogs didn’t exist when she was in middle school and high school, Parrish documented everything she wore.  “It was fun trying to come up with new combinations of outfits,” she said.  That love of fashion has spilled over into the world of technology and now she has a feature called What I Wore Wednesday where she features her outfits and

 accessories.  “I want to inspire people who are on a budget but don’t want to dress like they are.  I shop vintage and thrift shops and find treasures everywhere I look.”
Another feature on Sweet Parrish Place is Trashtastic Tuesday.  “I take things I have picked up on the curb or purchased at thrift stores
 and I make them over,” Parrish said.  “This is one of my favorite things to do and I try to post every couple of weeks.”
Currently, Sweet Parrish Place has nearly 10,000 followers through email and social media outlets, including Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.  “I usually bring in nearly 15,000 page views per month including people from all over the world.”
As for that potential income that initially appealed to her, she has found countless opportunities.  “Blogging has become such big business,” said Parrish.  “Bloggers can run ads, write books, become brand ambassadors, write sponsored posts and have affiliated links where you get paid a commission for driving customers to sites.”
“I consider my blog my second job,” said Parrish, who would like to eventually make it a full time gig.  “I am currently exploring showcasing local homes for a section of the blog.  I am always looking for ways to expand and improve it and I have always been a house lover.”
Finding inspiration in travel, magazines, and social media,  Parrish’s imagination never stops.  “Ideally, I would like to have my work featured in a magazine or popular blog.  This journey is so exciting and I am so thankful for all the support I have.”  The blog can be found on Facebook or by visiting

Do you have champagne taste and a tiny budget like me?  Love fashion, DIY, crafting, all things vintage and thrifty?  Stick with me, I've got you covered!
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