Saturday, January 23, 2016

Casual Friday Garb


Hey friends!  We are in the midst of winter storm Jonas, and as of the time I am typing this on Saturday morning at 10:36, we have 19 inches, and counting.  We have snow drifts that are 3 feet deep!  My husband was out shoveling the decks (which I am standing on in some of these pictures) off in the middle of the night because we were afraid there was too much weight on them.  There is no place left to pile the snow!  If you follow me on instagram, you can see updates.  It’s unbelievable!  Thankfully we are safe and warm at home, and I hope you are too!  Today, I thought I would bring you some casual Friday inspiration today.  I work in a middle school, and on Fridays I like to dress casual in jeans.  But I try to also keep it professional.  Without further adieu, here are some of my casual Friday outfits. 

cardigan- Marshalls// jeggings similar// boots- old// pink T-shirt similar// Scarf- Loft similar

I really love this cardigan, and I wish I could give you a link to it, but I found it at Marshalls in the fall, and no luck finding it online.  This cardigan can be worn casual or a little more dressed up.  Here I wore it with a pink T-shirt, jeggings, and cozy wintery boots.  It’s been so cold lately that it has been difficult for me to get out to take pictures. 



This was my first time wearing my new long sleeve T-shirt from Gravel Road Tees.  I wanted to give you the direct link, unfortunately, it seems their website is currently down, so I am linking to their Facebook page.  I seriously love the tees they carry!  Mine says “my worries are few because my blessings are many”.  But they have lots of others that are great as well.  I think I am going to order a short sleeve one for spring.  I dressed it up a bit for casual Friday with a pair of dark skinny jeans and a striped cardigan, but kept it casual with my Converse.   

t shirt// jeans similar// striped cardigan similar// Converse




I bought this scarf a few years ago at Gap, and it is one of my favorites.  I love the pop of pink!  The sweater is from Gap a few years ago too.  Our local Gap is closing it’s doors next week, it makes me so sad!  We don’t have a lot of stores I like in our Mall, so Gap was one of my favorites.  I usually shop online or go to Pittsburgh when I shop. 


Sweater similar// scarf- old// flare jeans similar// clogs similar// tassel bracelets similar



These next outfits you may have seen before on the blog.  Each of them have been shared at some time in the past year.  I just put together a collection of them for this post today. 

Casual Friday Outfits
sweater (different color)// leopard flats similar// jeans similar// chambray shirt similar

Casual Friday Outfits
white jacket similar// jeans// booties similar similar// floral scarf (no longer available) love this one// striped shirt similar// pink belt similar

Casual Friday Outfits
jeans similar// plaid shirt similar// t-shirt similar// sandals

These flare jeans from American Eagle are my absolute favorite.  they are so stretchy they feel like sweats!  Best thing I bought for Fall this year.  

Casual Friday Outfits
jeans// flannel shirt similar// sandals

Casual Friday Outfits
brown cardigan similar// jeans (no longer available)// leopard booties similar similar// striped sweater (old)// lace tank extender

Casual Friday Outfits
Jeans similar// booties similar  similar// pink sweater similar// scarf (old) love this one

Casual Friday Outfits
Sweater- thrifted// jeans similar// booties- see above// grey t shirt

Casual Friday Outfits
flannel shirt// striped shirt similar// black booties similar// black scarf// jeans similar

Casual Friday Outfits
white coat similar// fair isle sweater similar// shoes // scarf similar// jeans similar

I hope you found some casual Friday inspiration here today!  Are you allowed to dress casual on Fridays at your workplace?  Fridays are always my fave because I get to wear jeans!  I hope wherever you are right now is a nice warm place, stay safe if you are anywhere that has been hit by the winter storm.  My husband is out there shoveling for the second time today!  I’m off to take down the Christmas tree in our downstairs family room- yes, I am ashamed to say that I haven’t done it yet!  The kids were switching rooms and my daughters stuff was piled into the family room, and I kind of couldn’t get to the tree!  Cheers to snow, and casual Fridays!

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