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DIY Christmas Centerpiece with Sweater Bulbs

DIY budget Christmas decor

Hey friends!  And Happy Christmas Eve!  This will be my last post before Christmas, and if you are a regular reader, you might already know that I have been feeling behind for all of Christmas season, but I am happy to say that today I am squeezing out my final Christmas related post, just in time!  It is a tutorial for how I made this DIY centerpiece with sweater ornaments that I used in my dining room this year.  And although it is pretty much too late for you to make some for this year, it is not too late for you to pin it and save it for inspiration for next year!  You can catch all of the posts by clicking these links- my plaid inspired Christmas tree, my rustic woodland Christmas mantle, my plaid inspired Christmas living room,  my Christmas entryway and DIY advent calendar garlandChristmas kitchenDIY pom-pom snowballs, and 10 DIY ways to use plaid in your Christmas Decor, Christmas Family room.

I made this centerpiece completely on a whim.  I had no master plan, really no plan at all, and I just decided one evening to sit down and wing it.  I was in a big mess with Christmas decorations everywhere and no clear direction.  I had everything just laying out all over the floor, so I just started picking things up and playing around.  I put the tree and candlesticks into this planter, but it just looked piddly and naked.    


I had a random selection of Christmas bulbs that I wasn't going to put on the Christmas tree, but they were colors that didn't really go with my theme this year.  And I had some sweater remnants lying on the floor too.  And suddenly, the light bulb went on and it hit me that I could wrap the ornaments with the sweater, and use them as filler around the base of the centerpiece!  



This was so simple that it barely even needs a tutorial, I think most people can figure it out on their own, but just in case, I'm gonna share how I did it.

Needed Supplies:

Thrift store sweaters ( I used two different sweaters)
Sharp scissors
Walmart bags ( I always use these as filler when I do centerpieces)
fake snow
Christmas bulbs in various sizes


How to Make Sweater Bulbs:

I did not pre-cut my sweater fabric.  What I did was simply hold the bulb in my hand , and take the section of sweater that I wanted to cover the bulb and wrap it around the bulb and gather all of the material together at the bottom.  Next, take a piece of twine and tie a very tight knot around the material, as pictured below.  Next, cut off all of the excess material below the twine, then cut off the excess twine.  You will be left with just a little nub or sweater material, but that is OK, you can put that end down and no one will be the wiser.  Now, you could hot glue the sweater to your bulb if you want to make it more permanent.  I chose not to do that because I may want to use these ornament in a different way at some point.

DIY Sweater Christmas bulbs

When I put the centerpiece together, as I mentioned earlier, I placed the Christmas tree and the candles in first.  I placed them on top of some little glass bowls to raise them up because they were down in the planter too far.  After I had them where I wanted them, I used Walmart bags and wadded them up in balls and placed them all around as filler.  After that I took fake snow and covered the Walmart bags so no one can see them.  


I then just placed all of my ornaments around the base on top of the fake snow.  I used the sweater ornaments that I made, and then I also used red and metallic ornaments of various sizes to fill in all around the base.  As for the tree in the center, I bought it at Target Dollar Spot, and I wrapped a piece of plaid ribbon around the base, and then I place a few red berry springs into the branches as I fluffed them.  I took a piece of plaid material that was from a thrifted blazer and I just draped it over the front edge of the planter.  You can click to read more about all of the DIY ways I used Plaid in my Christmas decor this year.  



I absolutely love the way my centerpiece turned out.  For a girl with no plan and no direction, I think I did pretty darn good!  It matches the fun and whimsical theme in the dining room this year.  


I hope you enjoyed this tutorial, and that you will pin it so you can save it for next year!  We are all anxiously awaiting the guy on the back of my chair, how about you?  We are decorating gingerbread houses, and gorging on cookies we made, and then this evening we will go to church, where there will be a live nativity (we can't wait to see it!), and then on to my parent's house for dinner and gift exchange!   I am so thankful for every one of you who have read my blog throughout this year.  And I am wishing you all of the joy and peace of the holiday season, Merry Christmas!  

Do you have champagne taste and a tiny budget like me?  Love fashion, DIY, crafting, all things vintage and thrifty?  Stick with me, I've got you covered!
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