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10 DIY Ways to Use Plaid in Your Christmas Decor

Hi all!  I'm still not finished sharing my Christmas Home Tour, but the rest is coming very soon!  I wanted to take a time out from that to share some details about my decor with you today.  Some of these pictures you will see today you may have seen if you saw my posts about my Christmas entryway, my Christmas living room, my rustic woodland Christmas mantle, or my plaid inspired Christmas Tree.  There were lots of little DIY projects in those posts that I didn't get a chance to go into details about, so that is what I plan to do today.  And you will even get a little peek into my Christmas dining room, which I have not shared yet.  In case you haven't noticed, I went with a plaid theme in my decor this year, also using lots of traditional reds.  Red is my favorite color, so I love to use it at Christmas.  Today I want to share details about the 10 DIY ways I used plaid in my decor this year.  These things are simple, and easy ways to add a touch of plaid to your Christmas decor. 

Before we get started- I want to mention that I am having a technical issue with Blogger and my text is automatically being published as center aligned when I am setting it to be left justified.  I have tried to fix it and I have contacted Blogger for technical help, which is a joke.  In my draft, it looks perfect, but when it is published some things revert back to center.  If anyone knows how you can help with this issue it would be greatly appreciated! 

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1.  DIY Buffalo Plaid Wood Slice Ornaments:  This is so simple.  I purchased these woodslice chalkboard ornaments from the Target Dollar Spot.  I think there were three packs of them and each had 6-8 ornaments.  I took a chalk marker and just hand drew a plaid pattern on each one.  I varied the width of the plaid on each ornament to make each special and unique.  I also let Mr. 7 Year Old do one himself.  can you pick out the one he did on the pictures below?  Here are a few up close pictures of my tree and you can see there are lots of these wood slice ornaments.  I absolutely love the way they turned out!

2.  DIY Plaid Bows from an Old Flannel Shirt:  I purchased a red and black plaid flannel shirt at Goodwill, and I cut it all apart and used every last bit of it in my decor this year.  I just took my scissors and cut right along all of the seams of the body and the arm of the shirt.  I even cut off the collar and saved it for a project you will see below.  After I had it all cut up, I used the back of the body of the shirt and just ripped it into strips.  You can do this by cutting about an inch slit in the fabric, and once you have it cut, you can rip it the rest of the way.  After I had all of my strips ripped up, I just picked off the few threads on all four sides to give the strips a fringed look on the edges.  Once all of the strips were prepared, I just tied them in simple bows right onto the branches.  I just adore the way they turned out!

3.  DIY no sew Christmas pillow from an old flannel shirt:  This next project is so simple and no sewing required, which is nice, since I don't sew a lick.  You can see that I used the same flannel shirt as I used with the Christmas tree bows.  I just cut up the shirt so that the pockets were still attached, and made them into long rectangular panels.  And then I wrapped one around this black sequined pillow and used a safety pin to attach it in the back.  It gave this pillow a little Holiday spirit and made it fit right in for the Holidays on my sofa.  

4.  Dress up baskets with an old flannel shirt:  Again, with the same exact flannel shirt that you have seen for numbers two and three!  I can stretch one flannel shirt into many things people!  Ha!  I just simply took a couple of squares of the flannel shirt, and folded them, and draped them over a few baskets.  I did this with more than one piece of flannel apparel, and on more than one basket this year. I actually cut up a flannel shirt, a plaid blazer and a plaid skirt 

5.  DIY No Sew Plaid Flannel Table Runner:  This next project came from a houndstooth pencil skirt I bought at Goodwill.  I would encourage you when you are at a thrift store to peruse the clothing aisles looking at nothing but fabrics and patterns.  Don't worry about the actual clothing, styles, or sizes.  Just choose some fabrics that you like and think you can use in your decor.  I love to recycle things like that!  I cut up this pencil skirt along the seams, I cut out the liner, and I was left with just flat panels of fabric.  I then fringed the edges by just taking several threads off of each edge, and then I used them as table runners in different areas around my home.  

6.  Use Plaid Ribbon to adorn candles, trees, and other objects:  I purchased several spools of different types of plaid ribbon, and used them just about everywhere!  You can see in the collage below, I used some as a mat for a deer print, I ties ribbons around various Christmas trees, I taped pieces of ribbon around candles, I tied bows around vases and deer.  Using ribbon to adorn different things makes things look just a little more special for the holidays.  

7.  Wrap Plaid Fabric around the base of Christmas Trees:  I wrapped some fabric from my houndstooth skirt around this gold foil tree.  the base of it was a cheap looking plastic, and by wrapping it with fabric, it makes it look much more expensive.  I used some jute twine to tie it.  

8.  Use the Collar from and old flannel shirt to button around a deer head or other animal:  You can see in the picture below that I wrapped the collar from my flannel shirt around this metallic deer head.  I love the way it takes this deer head from my Fall decor right into Christmas.  

9.  Wrap plaid fabric around pictures you already have displayed:  You can also see in the picture below the top shelf, I have used some of the houndstooth skirt I cut up to wrap around a canvas picture of my children.  I don't usually cover up pictures of my children, but this particular picture is a very Fall inspired picture.  So it only makes an appearance during the Fall months.  

10.  Use wrapping paper in Frames to make seasonal art.  I have these two oval frames that usually contain a Fall scene (you can see them on my Fall dining table here),  and I just added some buffalo plaid wrapping paper inside of the glass.  Next I took a chalk marker and wrote some lines from our favorite Christmas movies on the glass.  Instant Christmas decor!  The top one is from Home Alone, and the bottom one is from Elf.  They add a fun, whimsical touch to my dining room for Christmas.   

I spent maybe 15 dollars on the three pieces of clothing that I cut up and used in my decor this year. And I really do feel like these little touches here and there really make my home for Christmas this year.  None of the plaids I used in my decor match exactly, but that is what makes it look authentic and interesting.  And about the ribbon I use when I decorate- I always keep it.  I never throw it away.  It goes into my stash and I will end up reusing it again and again.  Some of the ribbon I used this year was also used in my decor last Christmas, and some of it was new.  

I really hope I inspired you today to try something new in your Christmas decor!  I know this post comes a little late, but if you like what you see, please, pin it for inspiration for your decor for next year!  Are there any unique and interesting ways you have added plaid to your decor for Christmas?  I would love for you to share it in the comments below!  I am crazy about comments, and I read and try to respond to everyone.  There is not better way to brighten my day than to give me comment love!  Happy hump day, enjoy it, we are on the downslide to Christmas!

Do you have champagne taste and a tiny budget like me?  Love fashion, DIY, crafting, all things vintage and thrifty?  Stick with me, I've got you covered!
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