Friday, November 6, 2015

October in Review

Wow!  It's November already!  It has been a lovely Fall so far here in West Virginia, very mild so far. I have been crazy busy since August, but I'm happy to say that things will be easing up greatly now that Mr. 15 Year Old's cross country season has come to an end.  I have slowly but surely been working on my master bathroom trying to get it painted, so I am hoping to finish it up this coming weekend.  I have so many plans for projects, so hopefully I will find time to do some cool things so that I can blog about them.  If you are new to Sweet Parrish Place, welcome!  Please introduce yourself in the comments.  If you are a regular, thank you for reading my blog!  Either way, here is what you may have missed in October.

Fall Around My Home- Part 1

Sweet Parrish Place Style {Vol. 45}

I keep forgetting to share this, so I thought now would be a good time- here are some pictures of our Halloween costumes!  OUr costumes were completely last minute, I wish we had coordinated them better, but this was what we came up with on a moments notice.  I wore this hippie costume 10 years ago, and scrounged it out of the attic.  Obviously, LC was a Dr. from M*A*S*H.  And Mr. Seven Year Old is Scooby Doo!  Delaney and her friends were Victoria's Secret Angels.  A little risque I thought, but probably not unlike every other college girl.  She did assure me that she was wearing a bathing suit underneath, ha!

As for Mr. 15 Year Old, this is what he was doing on Halloween this year.  So no costume for him.  His team placed 1st runner up in the state championship, and he had a PR of 17:42.  I am so proud of him for having his best race ever and during the state championship!

And that is our October in a nutshell!  I have so many fun things planned for November, so I hope you will come around all month! I am hoping to have a reveal of our newly painted bathroom before Thanksgiving, and I haven't decided yet which project I want to start on after that.  I need to do some tile work in our master bath, I have a plan to make over my kitchen island yet again, I need to get started in the boy's bathroom, and I have a dresser to strip and paint.   I so hope you will stick around to find out what will happen next.  Happy Fall Ya'll!

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