Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Fall Around My Home {Part 2}


Welcome to part two of my Fall Home Tour!  I posted part one, which was our Fall front stoop on Friday, and then yesterday I showed you how I made the fall floral wreath for my front door.  Today, I want to show you our Fall entryway.  If that is even what you can call it.  You see, we live in a split level home, which poses many many challenges when it comes to an entry.  I mean, it is just a small landing, and you can either go up or down.  But I did the best I could to make this entry warm and welcoming, and to give visitors a good first impression of our home and a feel for the rest of our home décor.  I put as much function into this small space as possible, with an Ikea shoe storage cabinet, a small bench, hooks, and a place to throw umbrellas and keys.  I basically made the entire stairwell into our entryway!  And here it is all dressed up for Fall.  You can find Part 1, 3, and 4 of my Fall home by clicking the numbers.  


This Ikea shoe cabinet is such a workhorse for our family.  I can’t tell you how many times a day someone leaves there shoes on the floor in this tiny space, and that just doesn’t work because you literally can’t get in the door when something is on the floor, so now all I have to do is open the cabinet and toss em in. 


This DIY rustic coat rack that I made is another work horse.  Right now it looks kind of pretty for the pictures, but there are usually umpteen different things being hung here at any given moment.  Better there than the floor right?  And after all, that is why I hung it here!  Basically this coat rack looks lovely all summer, and as soon as fall hits it is completely hidden by the chaos of jackets and hats and scarves.  Say hello to my new faux fur scarf, so yummy!  Can’t wait for it to be chilly enough to wear it!

DIY Rustic coat rack

Over the summer we replaced out outdoor lighting in the front of our house, and I made LC keep one of the glass surrounds.  He thought it was silly, I’m sure, but I made him take it apart last weekend so I could use is as a cloche of sorts, and look how cute it looks surrounding a mason jar filled with LED lights!  It looks even better when it is lit up at night!  I bought the painting at Goodwill last year, and I bought a bag of apples and used them all round for my Fall décor this year.  So affordable and cute!  Of course, they go bad so they are only temporary.  But we eat a lot of apples, so they can stay out for a few days, and then be replaced by new ones!



Look at this awesome 3 gallon crock that my ex-mother-in-law recently gifted to me!  She gave me another one too that is busy holding my wrapping paper in the family room.  She asked me to choose a couple of things that I liked from her collection because she said she knew I would give them to my daughter one day, which is her granddaughter.  I chose these because I had always loved them.  I have it sitting here to hold umbrellas. 


3 gallon crock


This little hanging bucket is one of those things that gets changed out with every season, and I have had it hanging somewhere or another for at least 12 years.  Still not tired of it!  This year it got some colorful fall leaves. 



This bookshelf is right at the top of the stairs, and I am including it in this part of the home tour because you can see it from the landing.  This is another favorite place for seasonal décor, but difficult to photograph for some reason.  I have cheap wrapping paper on the backs of the shelves, and it has been going strong for over a year now.  I love the old thermos on top of the book case.  I found it while thrifting last fall, and was happy when I unpacked it out of the attic recently!


I love this engineering print that I ordered from Staples and paid about $2 to pick it up in the store.  Does it look familiar to any of you fellow bloggers?  I featured it as one of the Things I am Loving, and it is a Free Printable created by Beth at Home Stories A to Z.  I had the pleasure of meeting her at Haven over the summer, and she even sat right next to me at one of the workshops!  Super nice and sweet, and so down to earth!  I didn’t feel one bit nervous or intimidated around her.  I love this free printable that she created for her Fall home tour, so I downloaded it and had one printed for myself.  I think it is OK to not always be the mastermind.  I try to create unique and worthy content, but when I see something I love, and someone else made it just so others could use it, I see nothing wrong with using it!  And this printable was awesome!  I love it here right at the top of the stairs where everyone who enters can see it.  I just taped it up using some gold glittered washi tape. 



I scored this plaid suitcase for a song at Goodwill last winter.  When I spotted it, my heart started racing and I was scared to death someone was going to snatch it up before I could get to it!  But alas, no one did.  And now it is staying with me for all of eternity!  And I like it with my hounds tooth rain boots sitting right next to it.  I didn’t even clean them up after the last time I wore them to a cross country meet, gives them character!



That is a wrap for part two of my home tour!  I will be back to share my living room, dining room, and kitchen soon!  Enjoy the rest of your week!

Do you have champagne taste and a tiny budget like me?  Love fashion, DIY, crafting, all things vintage and thrifty?  Stick with me, I've got you covered!
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