Monday, October 5, 2015

DIY Fall Wreath- Tutorial

Fall Wreath Tutorial

Hi all!  I hope you had a fabulous weekend!  Mr. 15 Year Old went to his high school homecoming dance on Saturday night, so be sure to check out the pictures I am sharing of that at the bottom of this post.  Today, I am back to share a tutorial for the Fall wreath that is hanging on my front door.  I seriously never thought that I could make a wreath that is so pretty, but I did!  And without any direction from anyone.  I just winged it, and luckily it turned out well.  Honestly you guys, I used to say that I could never do something like that.  But there was a wreath I saw at AC Moore that I was in love with, and it was like $70!  I cringe at paying that when I know that if I buy the materials and make it myself, that I could have it for less than half the price.  So, I decided to go for it.  I purchased all of the materials I needed to make this wreath at AC Moore for around $25 (their Fall décor was on sale for 50% off).  so if you want to try something like this, and get an expensive looking wreath for less than half the price, wait till they are having a sale, they always do.  Here is the wreath I fell in love with in the store, and my inspiration for the wreath I actually made.  I placed it on the floor in the store and took a picture of it so I could use it as my inspiration. 


And here is the actual wreath that I made.  It is not the exact same thing.  The hydrangeas were a little more than I wanted to spend on this project, so I used some different Fall bouquets that I liked and that I though had a similar feel.  Although they are different, I think you can see where it was my inspiration piece.  I liked the fact that it was just all flowers and greenery, very full, and no bow or anything.  It just appealed to me, so that is what I tried to emulate.



So, let’s get on with the tutorial.  I hope I explain it in a way that you can understand.  If you have any questions that you feel were not clarified in this post, please feel free to ask me in the comments, I promise, I will answer you!

Supplies you will need:
2 flower bouquets
Wire wreath frame
Floral wire
Wire cutter

Here is a picture of a wire frame like the one I used.  I chose to use this kind of frame because it was lightweight, would be super easy to hang, and because I didn’t want you to be able to see anything but the flowers. 
Wire Wreath Frame

Here is a picture of one of the bouquets I purchased to make my wreath.  These came in a bunch, so I didn’t have to choose the individual flowers to coordinate together, because whoever made these bouquets already did that, so I knew they looked good together, and I liked the Fall colors.  You will be using your wire cutters to cut each individual flower off of the bouquet for this project.  It is also cheaper to purchase a bouquet like this than individual flowers, just so you know.  Sorry for the bad iPhone pics, I was already sitting down to start on this project when I realized I should probably take some pictures. 


I made this wreath while LC and I watched a movie one Saturday evening.  And if you notice the disaster in the background, you would be correct.  We had brought all of our Fall décor down from the attic, and we were in the stage of mid decorating.  So things are scattered everywhere.  Now that my Fall living room is finished, it looks nothing like what you see in the background, and I can’t wait to share it with you!  Anyway, moving onto the wreath.  I used my wire cutters to take apart the bouquets, and then I just began using my floral wire to wire each individual flower to the wreath frame.  Make sure you cut the stem long enough so that you will have something back there to wire to the frame as tightly as possible.  And for some of the flowers, I wired the stems to the frame in more than one spot.  Whatever I had to do to make sure these were completely secure.  I didn’t want them falling off or blowing off in the wind, because this is hanging outside on my front door. 


You are getting a real life glimpse into how I roll here.  jammies and slipper-check!  I place a pillow on my lap, and the flower bouquets next to me, with my wire clippers and floral wire on the end table beside me.  It took me about three hours to make this wreath.  We watched a movie, and when the movie was over I still wasn’t finished so I stayed up until it was done!


Here are a couple of pictures of the back of the finished wreath so you can kind of see how it is put together.  I placed the stems kind of parallel to the wreath frame so I could wire each one.  I also left some of the greenery on the stems, but I removed some of greenery.  I wanted you to be able to see the greenery, like my inspiration wreath, but I wanted it to be mostly flowers. 



I completely lucked out in the fact that I had just enough to finish this wreath.  I was worried for a while that I was not going to have enough flowers, but I literally had just enough.  No lie. 


I absolutely love the way my Fall wreath turned out!  It is exactly what I had in mind, and I am so proud that I made that! 



It is exactly the kind of curb appeal I want our home to have, and the perfect first impression for visitors when they enter our home.  Stay tuned, because I am actually going to take you inside for part two of my Fall home tour later this week!  I think it is my best Fall home décor yet! 


What do you think of my Fall wreath?  Do you think after reading this tutorial you could make on on your own?  If I left something out please tell me so I can do an update to this post.  It is more difficult sometimes to write the tutorial than to sit down and make the craft! 

As promised, I wanted to share a few pictures from Mr. 15 Year Old's Sophomore Homecoming.  Wasn't his date fabulous?!?!  She was so unique and looked gorgeous!  What a lucky guy he was!

Delaney and Mr. 15 Year Old

Have a fabulous week!

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