Wednesday, October 21, 2015

7 Ways to Wear Leopard Booties


Hey all!  Wednesday is generally the day that I post my weekly style post.  But last week, if you read my weekly style post, I told you that I was thinking about changing things up a bit with how I blog about my own personal style.  I was growing tired of the same old weekly outfit post that I had been doing for a couple of years, and although I still want to blog my own personal style, I want to try changing things up a bit. and hopefully make it more entertaining and useful for you guys- aka the people who read this blog!  So this post is an experiment of sorts, and I shall see how it goes over.  

If you have any feedback whatsoever regarding this change, please, please, let me know!  I need to know what my readers think, I need to know what they want and what they like, so I am dying to know what you think of this post today!  I recently bought a pair of leopard booties that I completely love, and you may love them too, but do you or would you hesitate to wear them because you don’t know how to style them or what to wear them with?  If so, this post is for you!  I am showing you how I styled my new booties for the first time I wore them, and also giving you some awesome examples of how other people have styled them.  Sound good?  Here we go!

brown cardigan similar// ankle jeans// lace tank extender// striped sweater similar// leopard booties

I think leopard booties, or leopard shoes of any kind for that matter, can be used as a neutral element in your wardrobe.  And that is just how I utilized them in this outfit, as a neutral.  I am wearing a striped sweater with a lace tank extender underneath, and I layered on a brown cardigan just in case I got a chill that day.  I work in a school that can be very chilly, so I always, always add a sweater, jacket, or something to keep warm.  I don’t always wear it all day long, but I have it just in case.  I purchased these particular booties at Gabriel Brothers recently for $39.99, and I was able to find the exact pair online for $169.  The link to the exact booties is above.  And can I just say wow!  I got a steal on these booties! 



You may have seen me wear this lace tank extender- this is one of the best purchases I have bought in a long time.  I highly recommend this item, especially if you are like me and like to wear loose fitting flowy tops.  And for the lady who likes to wear leggings, and does not want her lady parts showing when she does (like me, leggings aren’t pants people!), this top is invaluable because it allows you to wear certain tops in your wardrobe with leggings that you wouldn’t have worn before. 



Now that you have seen one of the ways I have styled my new booties, let’s take a look at some other awesome ways to style leopard booties. 

Source Unknown

I hope you enjoyed this style post today1  I hope that I inspired you to try a bootie or a shoe in a leopard print, I just love mine!  Have a great Wednesday, and I hope you will give me some feedback on this post today- yay or nay?  

So now that you have seen some different ways you can style leopard booties, I thought I would give you some options of booties you can purchase if you want a pair! Here are some of my favorites. Some of these are pictured in a different color option than leopard print, but all of the booties below come in leopard print.  

Do you have champagne taste and a tiny budget like me?  Love fashion, DIY, crafting, all things vintage and thrifty?  Stick with me, I've got you covered!
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