Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Make Your Own Halloween BOO Bundle

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I am so excited to share this creation with you today, because I am completely smitten over it!  What you see in the above picture is a BOO bundle that I created to take to my daughter's apartment and BOO she and her roommates.  So fun right?  I even went with a WVU theme, since that is where she goes to school.  I think they are going to love it, what do you think? Today, I want to show you how I made this Boo Bundle, so you can make one too!  And you obviously don't have to make one that is a WVU theme, you can use whatever letters you want!

Here are the supplies you will need :  
Plastic Halloween cauldron
Glitter craft paper  for letters
Alphabet stencils
Halloween stickers of your choosing
Hot glue gun
Walmart bags
Wooden letters
Utility knife
Sharpie marker
Some kind of wooden stakes (I used chop sticks)
Plenty of MARS chocolate favorites ( I used M&M's®, SNICKERS®, and TWIX®)
One 8 oz. 6 pack of A&W and one of Canada Dry (Halloween cans)

Now that you have everything you need, let's get this party started!  I purchased all of the supplies I used at Walmart.  I chose the size letters I did because I knew they needed to be big enough to add the candy onto and still look like letters. And good news, these will not go to waste, since we are huge Mountaineer fans, I am sure I can find something to do with them!

This is the Styrofoam I purchased, only it was originally twice the length of this.  I had already cut out the letters from this one before I decided to take a picture of it.  

I just took the wood letters, and traced them onto the Styrofoam with a Sharpie marker, and then cut them out using a utility knife.  

The next thing I did was to hot glue chopsticks to the back of my letters.  (I ended up adding two to my W because it was lopsided, 2nd chopstick is not pictured here).  I had these chopsticks in my kitchen drawer, so these I did not purchase.  

Next, I went about decorating my cauldron and making it perfect for BOO'ing somebody.  For the decorations, I used stencils to cut out a WVU on gold glitter paper, then cut them out with scissors, and then hot glue them onto the cauldron.  The letters look more orange in the pictures, but in real life I promise you they are gold!

I chose some fun Halloween stickers to use, just to get into the spirit (I liked all of the googly eyes). Although they were stickers, I ended up hot gluing them onto the cauldron because they were not sticking very well.  

After I was satisfied with the outside of my cauldron, I used some Walmart bags as filler in the bottom of the cauldron, as pictured below.  

After my cauldron was ready, I got busy putting the candy on the letters.  This was sort of like working a puzzle.  I did hot glue the candy onto the Styrofoam, but I was careful about it and used the hot glue sparingly (just a couple of dots on the back of each one) so that the candy would not melt. This is the candy I used.  All of these are family favorites ( Love myself a TWIX®) , so I knew Delaney would like them, and hopefully her roomies will too.  BTW, I had lots left over after making the letters, so I am going to put them in a bowl and take them over as well.  

Here is a close up of the finished letters.  I put the actual candy onto the fronts, backs, and sides of the letters.  However on the inside side edges, I did not use the candy, because it would have taken away the shape of the letters.  At first, I was pretty stumped as to what to do on the insides.  And then it hit me, Use empty M&M's® wrappers!  And I may or may not have eaten all of that candy after emptying the bags #somebodyhadtodoit.  My idea worked perfectly, because the letters maintained their shapes, and the empty wrappers blended right in with everything else!

After I had the letters finished, it was time to fill the cauldron.  That is where the soda comes in.  I sat the letters down into the cauldron and positioned them where I wanted them one by one, and then I placed the cans around the chopsticks I used as stakes, so that they would stay in place.  It took some finagling to get them in position, but the end result is just adorable, is it not?

This is the soda I used to fill the cauldron.  Would you believe it held every last one, even with the Walmart filler bags in the bottom!  

After the cauldron and the candy was completed, it was time for one final touch.  A You've been BOO'd sign.  Visit MARS Wrigley to print out the free BOO'ing card and the sign that is pictured below.  Soo cute!  

After you have printed out the card and sign, cut out the We've been BOO'd sign, and then fold the you've been BOO'd greeting card in half, tape it together, and include them into your boo bundle.  I did not stick my card into the cauldron along with the WV for the photos, because I was not able to get it in there without covering up the WV.  However, I taped it to a little plastic stake, and will stick it right front and center when I BOO them!

You can purchase all of this yummy candy and soda at your local Walmart store in the Halloween section and the soda aisle. Yum!  You can click here for a $1 off coupon for the soda!

Halloween is my daughter's favorite, and I really miss having her around at this time of the year.  And she really misses out on trick or treating with her little brother, so I thought BOO'ing her would be a great way to make her miss home just a little bit less this year.  Be sure to read more about how you can BOO someone, and see lots of other fun BOO bundles at the MARS Wrigley website, and let the BOO'ing begin!  You can also enter to win this awesome #BOOItForward sweepstakes and have a chance to win a $1000 Walmart gift card.  Now that would come in handy!

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