Friday, September 4, 2015

Kitchen Dreaming- 6 Unique and Stylish Kitchens

Kitchen dreaming

Every once in awhile I like to sit down with a nice giant mug of hot tea and dream about kitchens.  Well, it’s  not always about kitchen, sometimes it is about other rooms too!  But who doesn’t love a great kitchen?  A kitchen is the heart of a home, and I dream of one day having a large kitchen where I will  have the space to entertain, and have lots of people who can gather in my kitchen.  I have done the best I can with the kitchen I have, but one thing I can’t do is make it bigger, unless I were to knock out the wall between the kitchen and dining room (which we won’t be doing).  My kitchen, however, is just not big enough to fit more than three people comfortably.  I want a kitchen where I am able to entertain guests while cooking and cleaning up, a place that is large enough for people to come in and hang out.  I guess that is why I love to look at pictures of big dreamy kitchens!  Are you in the market for new kitchen cabinets?  If you are, you should definitely check out Cabinet Cottage in Alpharetta, Georgia!  Right now they are offering 50% off of wholesale cabinetry, and they also offer free in home estimates and Superior American made cabinetry. 

Kitchen Dreaming

Some of the other things Cabinet Cottage offers are countertops, vanities, and re-facing. They can also help with cabinet and cabinet finish repairs, cabinetry pull-outs, accessories, cabinetry modifications, and more.  Some of the lines they carry are Wellborn Forest, Americana Capital, and Cress and Newbury.

Kitchen Dreaming

My dream kitchen would have white cabinets, with an island in a different color like the one below.  Not necessarily that color, but a contrasting color.  I would want my island to hold at least four barstools.  And in a perfect world my kitchen would be big enough for an island and and eat in table area.

Kitchen Dreaming

I love how this kitchen has an island plus a table and chairs!  Perfect for entertaining.  I also love how this cabinetry goes around the stove and there are little alcoves for utensils and oils.  The kitchen in the very first picture in this post also has that, and I think I like the black contrasted with the white even better!I also like the natural dark wood of the island with the white cabinets. 

Kitchen Dreaming

Cabinet Cottage will cut cabinet doors for glass too.  I love a glass cabinet door!  I do however need cabinets that close because not everything in my cabinets is picture perfect.  Cabinet Cottage currently services Atlanta, Roswell, Milton, Johns Creek, Alpharetta, and Cumming, Georgia.  If you live in any of those areas, and are in the market for new cabinetry, you could save some money by taking advantage of these huge discounts!

Kitchen Dreaming

All of the kitchens pictured above are similar in the fact that the cabinets are white, but they are all unique and stylish kitchens.  No two are alike, and I love each one.  My favorite is probably the very first one pictured though.  What does your dream kitchen look like?I would love for you to share with me in the comments below, I read every one!

This post was brought to you by Cabinet Cottage.

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