Friday, August 28, 2015

Small Dining Room Changes


It’s been awhile since I have taken any pictures in my dining room, but I have made a couple of small changes, so I took some photos of these changes and thought you might like to see them!  I am really enjoying my new camera!  The first change is the canvas I bought several months ago at Marhsalls. It was on clearance for something like $12.  I love the message “Do all things with love”  but I also love the bold black and white with the metallic gold.  It goes well with other elements in the room, like the shelves over my desk, and the gold frames that are also in this room.  Plus, this wall art would be fairly simple to DIY on your own, don't you think?  But for the price I paid, it was just something I coudn't pass up!

Here is what the room looks like right now as you enter from the living room.  The chandelier will eventually be moved to be centered over the table.  And I know, I have been saying that for three years.  One day it will happen!  You can see what used to be hanging where my new wall art is here.


You have seen my vintage table cloth before if you were around my blog last summer.  I bought it on a visit to Amish Country last spring.  It is round, and my table is oval shaped, but I use it on this table anyway, and it doesn’t bother me that it isn’t the perfect shape. 


The second new element in the room is the tall glass vase on the dining table.  I have owned it for several years, but just moved it to the table a few weeks ago.  I used to have it on this table at our old house, but not with these red flowers in it.  And in other dining room news, this table will soon be a thing of the past!  We have plans to DIY a farmhouse style dining table that will be a rectangle shape, and will comfortably hold six chairs around it.  Very excited for that!  And I think it will fit better with our design style.


Have you met my giant utensils?  I scored these a few years ago at The local Mission, and painted them green.  Still loving them too!



I also have some plans I have been recently ruminating on in my mind for this window in our dining room, and adding some shelves across the mid point in the windows.  I haven’t ran this one by LC yet, but he won’t mind Winking smile



This is the buffet in the dining room that you have seen styled many different ways over the years, if you are a regular around these parts.  My DIY burlap wreath is still going strong and I am still changing it out for the different seasons.  Never a dull moment for this wreath!  And you can see the many ways I have decorated it here.  I recently purchased the metallic gold egg you see on the buffet at a yard sale, and have plans for a minor update to it.  And you can see the landing spot for my chalkpaint pitcher that I shared on the blog earlier this week.  I do still have plans to paint this buffet at some point.  It’s always something, right?


While I have shown you the pretty parts of my dinging room, I thought I would also give you a glimpse into our reality in this room that doubles as our office.  See the mess on the floor to the right of the dining table?  Yeah, it has been like this since January.  I have to be real here!  My husband is now a pharmaceutical rep, and he had to have this fax/copy machine for work, and the other stuff is also work related for him.  The plan is to buy some type of storage to put right here where he can house it all nice an pretty, but I just haven’t found the right piece yet.  Also, this gallery wall you see a piece of (see more of it here) is probably going to change soon too.  I am thinking of painting this wall white, and changing the gallery wall a bit. 


And across the room is our office area.  This is where I blog.  You can see more of the desk and shelving here.  It is fairly organized, but you know how things go.  It needs tweaked and cleaned up a bit, but this is the spot where the blogging happens, so it is a workhorse for sure!


Lots of plans for this room, but not enough time to get them all done.  That is the story of my life.  I am trying not to expect too much of myself lately, with work, sports, and family life.  although I love working on this little blog of mine, and I have to sometimes make family a priority, and so there are days where I choose them over projects that need to get done.  I know when all is said and done, I will never regret time spent with the most important people in my life. 

Tomorrow is a huge cross country meet for Mr. 15 Year Old, and we will be spending most of the day cheering him and his team on and volunteering our time at the meet.  wish him luck!  Right now he is ranked number 49 in the state as a sophomore, and that is no small feat!  His team is ranked number one, so we have high hopes of a third state championship in a row for his team this year, I’ll keep you posted!  Have a great weekend!

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