Monday, June 1, 2015

May in Review

I can't believe it is June already!  I have roughly two weeks of work left before summer break, and the kids have about 4 days left.  Miss 19 Year Old and her best friend are on their way to the biggest adventure of their young lives so far, they are off to Sweden to visit Our Swedish daughter for three weeks today! Any and all prayers for safe travels for them will be much appreciated.   

I am so glad you stopped by my blog today, and if this is your first time visiting, this is the perfect post for you to start with, because you will be able to see the whole past month in one glance!  In case you missed something during the month of May, here is a recap of what I was up to here at Sweet Parrish Place last month.  Go ahead, look around!

How to distress galvanized metal

And last but not least, four weeks of Sweet Parrish Place Style, here is a quick recap of some of my favorite outfits that I shared in May.

Volume 27

Thanks for stopping by today, I hope if you are new here that this post helped familiarize you with what Sweet Parrish Place is like.  If you are a regular reader, I hope you were able to get all caught up with what you may have missed in May.  I hope that whether you are a regular or are maybe visiting for the first time, you will stick around to find out what June has in store!  I can tell you for sure that this month, we will finally be revealing our painted living room, which I am so excited about!  We also have some big plans for the lower level deck behind our house, and we refreshed the checkerboard deck on the top level, so I am sure we will be showing that to you as well.  Plus, lots of other awesome stuff, so stick around!