Saturday, June 13, 2015

Beautiful 1910 Home For Sale

Oakdale Ave1

I’m not gonna lie, I am addicted to Zillow.  I look at it several times a week, and so does LC.  We love to find out what is on the market in our local area and beyond.  And this morning, while drinking my first cup of tea, I am across this local home for sale, and it stopped me in my tracks.  I am obsessed with this house that is for sale in our neighborhood.  We aren’t really in a position to be buying a new house, but I am completely swooning over this one.  I want to go look at it so bad!  

This house is equal parts the perfect DIY project, and still already totally liveable.  Now, I have not been to look at it, and I have no idea what a home inspection would bring to the forefront.  But just from looking at these pictures, I think it is swoonworthy, and I had to share it with you!  And I totally just stole these pictures from the Zillow site, which were probably taken by the homeowner (because it is for sale by owner), but I hope if they find out I showed them on my blog they won’t mind!  This home is 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms, and is 3500 square feet, built in 1910.  And just a note to the homeowners- if someone sees this on my blog and buys it, I charge waaay less commision than a real estate agent ;) - and one more thing, if you decide to drop the price by about $50,000 give me a call! Just look at this beautiful old home!

Oakdale Ave2

Oakdale Ave3

Oakdale Ave6

Oakdale Ave8

Oakdale Ave9

Oakdale Ave10

Oakdale Ave11

Oakdale Ave12

Oakdale Ave14

Oakdale Ave15

Oakdale Ave16

Oakdale Ave17

Oakdale Ave18

Oakdale Ave19

Oakdale Ave20

Oakdale Ave21

Oakdale Ave22

Oakdale Ave23

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!