Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Sweet Parrish Place Style {Vol. 26}

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Floral Kimono// Blush pants similar// Striped T shirt// White wedges- Franco Sarto via TJ Maxx

Hey all! Welcome to my weekly style post!   Every week, I take pictures of my outfits and join other bloggers around blog land who do the same. These posts are something that I really enjoy, because I have always had a passion for fashion. I love putting together new outfits, and shopping my own closet to wear things in different ways. I wear the clothes I own forever, but I usually don’t wear any item in the exact same way more than once or twice.  As a middle school counselor, I am always looking for inspiration, and ways to be stylish, professional, and age appropriate, and I hope to provide that same inspiration to other women and mothers in similar professions or lifestyles.

This is probably my favorite outfit of the week, and it is what I wore to work yesterday.  I fell in love with this Kimono in American Eagle as soon as I walked into the store, and it is probably the only single item I bought this spring that was not on sale.  But good news for you if you like it too!  It is on sale right now, and there is a link to it in the picture above.  I bought the striped shirt to wear with it, but could also wear several other things with it.  Since I work in a middle school, I try to be conservative, and I wore this to work, but I would probably put a tank or something under it otherwise.  We are going to Las Vegas next weekend, and I will probably pack this to wear in a completely different way.  

I bought this striped T shirt with leather pocket at a thrift store recently for like $2!  I was like, who would even want to get rid of this?  It's totally in right now!  But oh well, my gain!  And, funny story about the camouflage jacket I am wearing with this outfit, I happened across it at Old Navy last week and it was on clearance for $14.99.  Unfortunately on the website the price is $39.99, so that is weird that I got it for $14.99 in the store.  But there was just one little detail, it was in the men's department.  Did that stop me from buying it, um no!  I just went down a size and scooped it up!  I have no problem with buying something in the men's department if I like it and it fits.  

Black Leggings, Striped shirt, camoflauge jacket, brown loafers2
camouflage jacket// striped shirt similar// brown loafer similar

Black Leggings, Striped shirt, camoflauge jacket, brown loafers4

Black Leggings, Striped shirt

Black Leggings, Striped shirt, camoflauge jacket, brown loafers3

Black Leggings, Striped shirt, camoflauge jacket, brown loafers5

Not much new in this outfit, except for the denim vest.  Everything else I have owned for a while.  I do love this striped peplum shirt that I bought last summer at Marshall's.

denim vest, brown skirt, striped shirt, brown wedges
navy striped peplum shirt similar// brown skirt LL Bean (old)// denim vest// brown wedges similar

denim vest, brown skirt, striped shirt, brown wedges2

denim vest, brown skirt, striped shirt, brown wedges3

brown skirt, brown wedges

We went to a Baseball game at West Virginia University on Friday of last week, and this is what I wore.  I actually designed this T shirt that has the WV shape on it and it says "home".  I ordered it off of a website called Hicustom, but for some reason when I try to visit the website it is giving me a message that says forbidden.  If I end up being able to access the website I will put the link in.  

West Virginia Home T shirt, leopard sneakers
Leopard sneakers similar and similar

West Virginia Home T shirt

This is what I wore to work on Monday.  I kind of love this striped tank and wish I had it in every color of the rainbow, adn bonus, it is now on sale for $6.99!  I love the fit of it, so comfy!  It is currently on clearance at Gap, and it comes in a grey and white stripe too.  I bought this maxi skirt a few years ago, and it is one of my most favorite skirts, It is made out of sweat pant material.  You can't get much more comfortable than that!

Red striped tank (currently $6.99!)// grey maxi skirt similar// black sandals// denim jacket similar



And that is a wrap for this week's style post!  Thanks for stopping by for my Sweet Parrish Place Style post today!  If you would like to stalk my other outfit and fashion posts, click here (I want you to)!  I also have a Pinterest Board where I post all of my daily outfits, and I frequently post on Instagram!   Happy Hump day!

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