Monday, May 11, 2015

DIY Wall Shelves

DIY Wall Shelves8

Today the project I am sharing with you is a project that my daughter and I actually completed last summer.  But we were so busy moving my daughter into her new apartment at the time that I didn’t’ get any good photos of the shelves, so I finally took my camera back to her apartment and took some.  These super simple DIY Wall shelves are just that- super simple!, and super inexpensive!  Anyone can do this!  And just to let you know ahead of time, these shelves havenot been styled or decorated to look perfect for these pictures.  This is actually how my daughter has them decorated every day in her apartment.  The two metal bins hold school supplies that she uses every day.

You can see my daughter's entire college apartment by clicking here.

DIY Wall Shelves1

There are only 4 things you will need to make these shelves:
Wood of your choosing
Brackets for the shelves
Sandpaper (2 types, a medium grit and a fine grit)
Tung Oil
DIY Wall Shelves3

Did you know that Home Depot will cut your wood for you?  That is one of my favorite things about shopping there for Projects!  We knew exactly how long we wanted the shelves to be, so we simply picked out the wood we liked ( I am pretty sure it is oak, but I am not an expert on types of wood, and I can’t remember for sure #sueme  #I’mjustagirl)  And since these were for Miss 19 Year Old’s apartment, she really picked the wood she liked, and she also picked the brackets she liked. 
DIY Wall Shelves4

These are so simple- so after you get the shelves home that Home Depot cut for you, you just sand them until they feel smooth to the touch.  After they are as smooth as you want them to be, you can finish them however you want to.  You may want to stain them, but Miss 19 Year Old wanted them to be au naturale, so we just rubbed them down with some tung oil.  And that is all you need to do, the shelves are ready to be hung. 
DIY Wall Shelves5
DIY Wall Shelves6

The only thing left to do is hang them on the wall!  We just screwed the brackets into the shelves on the bottom side, and after the brackets were attached, we screwed the shelves into the wall.  She used these shelves all year, and they worked great to offer her some extra storage in her bedroom. 
DIY Wall Shelves7

Miss 19 Year Old just came home for the summer.  Her bedroom is downstairs, along with the family room and a bathroom.  We have decided that Mr. 15 Year old and her are going to switch rooms.  His bedroom is right across the hall from ours, and since she only lives here part time now, we think he deserves to be downstairs with more privacy.  And it will give us a little more privacy as well.  Miss 19 Year old is thinking she would like an entire wall of shelves in her new upstairs bedroom where she can put shoes.  So we just might be making some more of these!  Stay tuned!

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DIY Wall Shelves2

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