Thursday, April 16, 2015

Spring Home Tour

Spring Home Tour Graphic

I am so excited to welcome you into my home today for my Spring home tour!  I guess in the world of blogging this Spring tour may be a little late, but I don’t care, I am showing it to you anyway.  And yes, there will be Easter eggs involved…after Easter (gasp)!  I plan to leave my Easter décor out for the remainder of April, how about you? In case you are new here, we live in a 1996 split level home that we are slowly but surely updating and bringing into 2015.   Anyhoo,  if you are down with seeing some Easter eggs even after Easter, then come on in!  

I made this very simple cherry blossom wreath for our front door after falling in love with Vel’s cherry blossom wreaths over at Life and Home at 2102.  I already had the grape vine base, so all I had to do was buy some cherry blossoms.  I bought some cherry blossom bouquets from AC Moore, cut them into sprigs, and I used floral wire to attach them. 

Cherry Blossom Wreath3

Cherry Blossom Wreath2

I bought a new rug for the entryway!  Last Friday we took a trip to PA for Steel City Con, and we were right next door to a Homegoods.  So of course I had to walk over, since we don’t’ have one here where I live.  This is one of the the items I purchased. 

Spring Entry1

Spring Entry2

There is just one problem.  It catches when you open the door, so it may not end up working for this space, but I really want it to!  Any suggestions for how I can keep that from happening?

Entry Rug

I have had this rustic hanging bucket for years.  Bought it through Southern Living.  I enjoy changing it out for the seasons.  This year I wrapped a bit of burlap ribbon around it and tied a pale green bow on one side. 

Spring Entry3

To make the disco ball Easter egg garland, I just used some jute and tied them to it every so often.  I love the way it turned out!  If you are curious, you can read more about the artwork pictured by clicking here

Spring Entry4

The DIY rustic coat rack at the top of the stairs is such a work horse for us!  I am so happy with it!

Spring Entry5

Another thing I cannot live without in this small entry is my Ikea shoe cabinet.  This is also a fun place to decorate. 

Spring Entry6

Spring Entry7

The framed art is a free printable that I printed out last Spring.  You can find one similar here.  The Easter eggs on the black frame are also printed from a free printable.  I just cut them out and taped them onto the glass. 

Spring Entry8

Spring Entry9

I bought this lacy ribbon at Target’s dollar section, and just tied a simple bow around my DIY jute wrapped bottle

jute wrapped jar

You may have noticed my hippie sign in some of the pictures above.  This is another item I purchased last week at Steel City Con.  There was a booth that had tons of these vintage looking signs, and I just fell in love with this one.  It adds a touch of whimsy to my entry, and I love it!  Was there a time that hippies had to use the back door?  Anyone?

Spring Entry10

hippie sign

I made a change to the gallery wall in our dining room/home office.  I added some more free pintable's to the four gold frames. 

Spring Dining Room1

You can find these printables here.  They look hand drawn, and I just think they are adorable. 

Spring Printables1

Spring Printables2

And this is the buffet for Spring.  Nothing here is new, you have probably seen most of these things before.  The only thing new is the way I have it put together. 

Spring Dining Room2

Spring Dining Room3

The wooden pedestal bowl was a find from The Mission, and the yellow vase was a find from Goodwill. 

Spring Dining Room4

This is my burlap wreath dressed up for Spring.  I just added these berry sprigs into the burlap, and attached it with a striped green ribbon then added the butterfly on top of the ribbon. 

Spring Burlap Wreath

Have you seen the gallery wall I hung recently in our living room?  I changed out the vase to the right, and added these pretty yellow branches.  I love the pop of color. I showed off my Spring mantle here, if you would like to see it.  

Spring Living Room1

This TV cabinet is also a recent addition in our living room.  It is a really cool vintage Mid Century Modern record player.    You can see the reveal post I wrote here, and you can read the full tutorial for how I made it over here.  I am seriously in love with this piece of furniture!  It is my favorite makeover to date. 

Spring Living Room2

Isn’t it pretty?

Spring Living Room3

Spring Living Room4

You may remember the DIY book page wreath I made during the winter.  I just recently added this hounds tooth bow for Spring. 

spring book page wreath

I also added a new art print to the wall.  I purchased from, and it is called feathered arrows.  I had it framed through Minted as well, the frame is called distressed indigo stained.  I think it makes a great addition to my gallery wall. 

Spring Living Room5

Minted Art Print

Spring Living Room6

The shite vase and the brass candlesticks were both thrift store finds.  The little cloche was purchased at Bath and Body Works in the Fall. 

Spring Living Room7

I have been wanting new furniture for my living room since we moved in, and it just hasn’t been in the budget yet.  However, I think new furniture is in our near future you all!  But for now, I decided to freshen things up a little with some new throw pillows to tide me over.  And I bought them all from Amazon.  You can find the links to all of the pillow covers I purchased right here.  Amazon has a great selection of pillows and pillow covers at very reasonable prices!

Deer Pillow1

Both the black and white striped ones and the Feathered one in the middle are new as well. 

Spring Living Room8

They are really helping me not hate my furniture quite so much. But I still want new furniture LC, so don’t get any ideas!

Deer Pillow2

You know I love a black and white stripe, right?  On clothing, pillows, décor.  I’ll take them on anything, all day, every day. 

Spring pillows

This is the sofa table that is right at the top of my stairs as you turn to enter the living room. 

Spring Living Room9

The plate is from a Goodwill in Ohio.  And you can also read about the books I wrapped with wrapping paper here

Spring Living Room10

I purchased the wooden carousel horse at Goodwill a while back and gave it a little makeover.  I have fun tying different things around her neck all year round!  (Yes, it is a “she” – a boy wouldn't tie things around his neck, silly!)

carousel horse

The horse shaped candy dish was a gift from Our Swedish Daughter for Christmas.  The horse is called a Dala, and is a popular Swedish symbol.  It was full of malted milk eggs, but as you can see those are wiped out.  They went fast!

Spring Living Room11

And last but not least is the top of my bookshelf that sits right at the top of our stairs.  I made this DIY Love canvas for Valentines Day, but I knew then that I wanted it to be neutral enough to keep out all year.  And so now it sits on the top of the shelf to greet everyone who comes into our house. 

Spring Living Room12

I hope you enjoyed my Spring Home Tour!  Right now our living room is kind of torn apart because we are painting the walls!  I am taking it slow, one wall at a time.  I have one wall down, and I am starting on the second wall this weekend.  I can’t wait to show the finished product to you! 

Have a great weekend!