Saturday, April 4, 2015

DIY- Fabric Covered Balls for Spring

Fabric Covered Balls7

Do you ever see a DIY or craft project either in a magazine or somewhere online, and you immediately know you want to try it?  That is what happened to me when I saw the adorable rag balls that Shannon at AKA Design made.  I loved them so much, and I just had to make some of my very own.

Fabric Covered Balls1

Shannon give a tutorial for how to make these fabric covered balls that is very easy peasy to understand.  And when I  make something using someone else’s idea and tutorial, I don’t like to give a tutorial of my own.  So, if you want to see how she made these, pop over to her blog and read all about it!

Fabric Covered Balls2

Now, since I don’t sew, I don’t have a lot of fabric scraps laying around my house waiting to be made into rag balls, so I did have to go out an buy fabric.  I didn’t need a lot of fabric, so I went to Wal-Mart, and they have have bundles of sections of fabric, that are several fabrics in a bunch, that all coordinate together.  I chose a bundle that had Spring colors and patterns and bought it.  I can’t remember exactly how much it was, but it was under $8.  And I had more than enough to complete this project.  I purchased the Styrofoam balls from AC Moore.

spring fabric

This project was very easy to complete, although it was a little tedious and took a while.  I just knocked it out on a Sunday while catching up on what I had missed on my DVR.  (BTW, I am never caught up on TV watching, and my DVR always runs out of space.) 

Fabric Covered Balls3

I love the way they turned out that I decided to put them on my dining table as a centerpiece for now.  I like to keep things casual in there because the room also serves as our home office.  And we pretty much host no formal dinners in there.  Our dining room/office is one of the most used rooms in our house.  You can always find someone (probably me blogging) on the computer, someone doing homework or a project at the table, or someone eating.  So it is a busy place. 

Fabric Covered Balls5

But back to my new balls, aren’t they sweet?  I heart them, and all thanks to Shannon at AKA Design for this bright idea.  It really cheered up my dining room for Spring!

Fabric Covered Balls6

Here they are actually on my dining table.  And the container I put them in?  You have seen it before on my dining table and other places (see the before here), but it used to be a rustic looking brown.  I just slapped on a coat of white chalk paint and lightened that baby right up!  I love chalk paint!  I painted this in less than 5 minutes.  I wanted the brown to still show through in spots, so I didn’t need to be careful.  I painted the inside too, just so you know.  And I love the way it turned out!  I had been wanting this container to be lightened up for quite some time, but when I knew I wanted to put these balls in it, it had to be done.  I picked up those pretty blue chargers at a thrift store in Destin, FL, in case you were wondering.  I have been liking chargers lately.  If someone sits down to eat and puts there plate on one of these, it minimizes the mess.  I just have to clean the charger instead of the whole table.  And they look pretty on the table. 

fabric covered balls1

This is not the dining table of my dreams.  I would love to get a completely different one, but that isn’t in the budget right now.  I may paint this one or give it some type of makeover one day.  We’ll see.  And if you will notice in the background, you are getting a peek at my Spring buffet and my Spring burlap wreath.  You are also getting a sneak peek at a pretty big change I made in the kitchen, can you guess what it is?  I will be showing you more of these soon. 

fabric covered balls2

It is Saturday morning before Easter as I write this.  And it is also Miss 18 Year Old’s (now Miss 19 Year Old) Birthday!  We went to lunch and went shopping for Spring yesterday and had a very nice day.  Can’t wait to show you everything I bought!!  Today is the also the day that I am going to start painting my living room, you all!  I picked a color and bought the paint finally!  And I know it is a busy weekend but it is the only time I have more than two days off before summer break, so I am going to try to knock out one wall today, and another wall on Monday, and I will at least have half of the room finished.  Wish me luck!

And happy Easter weekend!  The thought that Jesus died on the cross for all of us is an awesome thought!  Mr. 7 Year Old and I had a nice long talk at bedtime last night about how much Jesus loves each one of us and how he sacrificed for us, and how he arose from the grave and waits for us in Heaven, all we have to do is ask him to come into our hearts and forgive us for our sins, and he does!  He says Jesus is a really good guy.  I agree!

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