Friday, March 27, 2015

Spring Mantle Decor

Spring mantle1

I am so excited that it is Spring, my favorite season of the year!  I can finally get outside to walk, all of the trees start blooming, and the flowers on the trees are my most favorite part of Spring.  I just noticed today for the first time some green things sprouting up on the ground too!  And this is the first time I have been able to decorate my new Mantle for Spring, so I am doubly excited!  

Spring mantl21

Before I ever put this mantle together for Spring, I knew I wanted to go mostly green with it.  When I do something like this, I just kind of lay all of my spring decor out where I can see it all and start pulling things from the spread one by one, trying different arrangements until I land on something that I like.  What is your process for decorating seasonal spaces?

Spring mantle3

I made this Spring banner a couple of years ago using wrapping paper, craft paper, felt ribbon and twine.

Spring mantle4

Spring Banner4

Spring mantle5

This tree usually just sits there on a cheap looking stand.  So I placed it in a bucket and wrapped burlap around the trunk.  Much better!  The bucket is from Target's dollar aisle.  

Spring mantle6

I used Rub N Buff on the candlestick in the winter.  And you can see my Craft paper Easter eggs in the lantern.  
Spring mantle7

Do you remember when I did this Rub N' Buff mirror makeover?  Great filler until I get a great statement mirror.  

Spring mantle8

Spring mantle9

Spring mantle10

Spring mantle11

I like my Spring mantle!  It feels light and airy to me even though there is a lot there.  It's like a breath of fresh air in the room!  

I hope to be back with more to show you of my Spring decor soon!  LC and I are having an overnight date away this weekend, so I may have to take a few days away from posting next week.  I would love to read your comments about my Spring mantle!  And I hope you have exactly the kind of weekend you are hoping for!