Friday, March 20, 2015

Master Bathroom Dreaming

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My Dream Bathroom
Mood Board- My Dream Bathroom

How many of you, like me, dream of that perfect master bathroom, that spa like retreat to be shared between just you and your significant other?  Surely I am not the only one who does this on a regular basis.  If that were true, then home decorating/DIY magazines and blogs wouldn't exist now would they?  New Flooring, and tile, and carpet?  Oh my!

I was offered the opportunity to dream of what I would do in my master bathroom, and to create a mood board showing the elements of my dream room.  Well, I could not resist, because dreaming about stuff like this is my jam people!  Obviously, you can see the mood board I created in the image above.  Wouldn't you agree that it is dreamy?  AAAhhhhh, how I would love to have a master bath retreat just like this!

Well, let's get back to reality, and my actual bathroom.  It's not terrible.  It has been in the midst of a transformation for about a year now.  Here is where we are with it as of today.  

master bathroom1

The picture above is actually showing you a couple of parts that I have not shown on the blog before, so this is a sneak peek of sorts.  We have made some changes to the floor.  If you are a regular reader, can you tell what has changed?  I am anxiously waiting to see if any of you can tell me what it is.  If you know, tell me in the comments!  

The part of my bathroom that I absolutely despise lurks behind this pretty ruffled shower curtain pictured below.

There is a reason for the ruffles folks.  They hide the smallest and worst shower in all of the land. 

Seriously, It is like an athletic event for me every time I try to maneuver around in this shower to wash my hair, shave my legs, do other unmentionables that I will not be sharing on this blog today, you get the picture.  Not only is it small though, but it has a shower door that does not close properly, and the caulk is just yucky, despite me cleaning it to the best of y ability.

Now, the soaker tub is to the left of that pretty ruffly shower curtain.  So you have the bathtub and the shower going across the entire left wall of our bathroom.  This tub isn't horrible.  It's not my dream tub, but it serves it purpose just fine.  Although if I were to complain, it is just a little too long for my taste.  I take baths a lot, and I can't soak comfortably because my bum keeps sliding down.  If I am leaning against the back of the tub, my feet do not hit the other side.  I could add something to keep the bum from sliding, but it would then make it look not as pretty.  And that doesn't sit well with me.  

If you scroll back up and take a look at my mood board again (go ahead, I'll wait) you will see my dream for my bathtub and shower arrangement.  If I could afford it, I would rip out both our shower and bathtub and start from scratch.  I would have a lovely claw foot tub with a glass enclosed shower to the right of it.  And marble, lots and lots of marble!  I would also totally dig having a marble backsplash behind the vanity that goes all the way to the ceiling!

I had the opportunity to go into my local Carpet One Store last weekend to look at the flooring options available.  (For you locals, our nearest Carpet One Store is on the Greenbag Road in Morgantown- the go-to store for flooring and home improvement projects ).  I met with one of the owners while I was there, Joe.  Joe was a stellar guy, I have to say.  I called him to arrange a time to come in to the store, and the day I wanted and needed to come, there was a huge home show going on in Morgantown, and it was a big day for the Carpet One Store.  But he rearranged his day so that he could be there to meet with me!  I thought in my case, he certainly went above and beyond the call of duty.  

carpet one4

Now, I am a DIY blogger, but I have to be honest and say that there are some things that I would not want to do myself, like installing my own flooring.  

That is where Carpet One comes in!  They are currently running a "Don't Do It Yourself " #DDIY promotion (until April 19) which focuses on Carpet One's expertise vs. do it yourselfers or less expert retailers.

Did you know that Carpet One retailers are locally owned and operated by people who live in and invest in your community?  I was amazed by the amount of knowledge Joe had about the various products Carpet One sells.  He was a wealth of information about the various products they sell- from tile to hardwood, cork floors, vinyl, carpet, and more.  

carpet one7

I have never installed ceramic tile before, and quite frankly, I would be very leery about trying it myself.  I am the first to admit I am not always the best at the math it takes to figure out the proper measurements and cuts.  And that is where the experts at Carpet One come in.  They will come to your home and take measurements for free!  I live about 40 minutes away from my local Carpet One Store, and they told me that was no problem (for all of you locals).  They said they would still come and do the measurements for free, no matter where I live.  Now that is some awesome service!!

carpet one8

Below is a picture of some of the marble tiles I was drooling over in the store.  To me, there is nothing dreamier than a floor to ceiling shower with marble subway tile enclosed in glass.  What kind of flooring and tile does your dream bathroom have?

carpet one9

Carpet One has something called the Beautiful Guarantee: if you're not 100% satisfied with your new floor they will replace it for free!  Not a lot of businesses will offer you that kind of a sweet deal.    And when it comes to installation, they offer healthier living installation:  their installation practices are cleaner and healthier with minimized irritants, dust, and odors to encourage better air quality in customer's homes.  
carpet one14

Do you have any funny Don't do it yourself moments?  A couple of years ago, I tore out some old carpet and laminate, and then ended up having to tear out some wet sub flooring under the laminate.  It was one of the most difficult things I ever did, and I would definitely probably not do it myself if I could do it over again!  You can see some hilarious videos on YouTube of #DDIY moments by clicking here.  If only there were a video of me trying to pull out that flooring on my own, it would have taken the cake!  And BTW one of the video's is about someone trying to DIY a wedding cake- super funny.  

carpet one18

There is no question that if and when we need flooring, we will be going to our local Carpet One Store!  This house is a work in progress, and we definitely have some flooring that needs addressed.  Probably #1 on my list would be the carpeting in our downstairs.  Even though that is not the room I chose to focus on today, it is the area of our house that needs the flooring replaced the most.  And if I could, I would lay hardwood down there.  that is another thing I would probably not try to DIY, would you?

I've share my dream bathroom with you today, now it is your turn.  If you could have new flooring in whatever room you wanted, which room would you choose?  And what kind of flooring would you want?  I would love to read your thoughts and ideas in the comment section below!

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