Saturday, March 14, 2015

Beauty Trend- Effortless Elegance

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Trending Now: Effortless Elegance

Carefree. Comfortable. Light. These words could be used to describe BCBG’s 2015 Fall Collection, or the designer herself. The same words could also be used to describe the Temptu makeup worn by the models on the runway. The overall trend: effortless elegance from head to toe.

Trending Now: Effortless Elegance

Nude Nails

Nude nail polish has the ability to make your fingers look long, lean, and graceful. It complements any outfit without competing with it. The key to achieving this timeless look is to wear a shade with the same undertones as your skin, whether warm, cool, or neutral. It shouldn’t match your skin exactly, however. Look for matte hues reminiscent of a sandy beach or a cashmere sweater.

Nude nail polish

Minimal Makeup

The BCBG girl is a world traveler—a woman constantly on the go. So it makes sense that she wouldn’t wear heavy makeup. Instead, the look of the season is light and airy. BCBG collaborated with Temptu to create a natural look using their professional-grade airbrush shades. A delicate layer of foundation was applied to even out complexions and blur imperfections. Eyes were defined with a bronze hue applied like a cream eye shadow. Mascara was barely there or non-existent. Brow shapes were well-groomed, yet thick and natural. Pale pink makeup was applied to the lips for a “fresh bitten” look. The overall appearance was effortless and outdoorsy.

Light and airy makeup

Hassle-Free Hair

Think about how your hair looks when you hastily wrap a scarf around your neck as you are running out the door—long locks trapped under the fabric with a few wisps escaping to frame the face. This is the same look that hairstylists used at the BCBG show, tucking the models’ hair into necklines. The hair itself had a chunky texture and was slightly tousled. The styling products used to achieve the look depend on whether or not the hair is naturally straight or curly. Hairstylists warn that there is no “one-size-fits-all” haircare product. Sea salt spray can be used on straight hair, while smoothing products with keratin have to be used on curly locks.

tousled hair

Regardless of whether you live a nomadic lifestyle, hopping from one plane to the next, or your more grounded, spending most of your time at home or the office, you can still live in this look. Nude nails, a fresh face, and tousled tresses are feminine and flattering on every woman. You can still play up your best features without looking overdone.