Saturday, January 17, 2015

Valentines Day Gift Ideas

anjolee jewelry collage

My husband always tells me that Valentines Day is for women.  That men don’t care to receive a gift.  He is probably right about that.  He is pretty good at making me feel special on Valentine’s Day.  Since Valentines Day is less than a month away, I thought it was the appropriate time to introduce you to Anjolee fine jewelry.  You know what they say – Diamonds are a girl’s best friend - right?  I am in complete agreement with that sentiment!  I will never be disappointed with a nice quality piece of jewelry as a gift.  Anjolee has been manufacturing fine jewelry since 1977.  That is a long time for a company to be in business, so they must be doing something right!  Anjolee jewelry collection can be found in retails stores across the country, but they have recently launched a website, where customers can purchase fine jewelry online. 

Anjolee only sells diamond and gemstone jewelry, so take note that these are quality products, and they are not cheap!  These gift ideas are for someone who is looking to purchase an expensive gift of diamonds or gemstones for their sweetheart.  And so far in my 44 years, I have not met a woman who does not appreciate fine jewelry. What makes this website so special is that the jewelry you order is customizable.  You can choose the metal type, the carat weight, and the diamond quality.  You can also incorporate both diamonds and gems into certain of the pieces. 
Let’s talk about the above collage, shall we?  These are items that I chose directly from the website, that are my favorites.  I love each and every one of those pieces of fine jewelry, and would gladly accept any of them as a gift.  That diamond engagement ring is my favorite design for an engagement ring of all time.  I have love the emerald cut diamond for as long as I can remember, and I just love that is is flanked on each side by a slightly smaller emerald cut diamond.  Perfection!  My engagement ring is an emerald cut, in case you are wondering. 

The diamond eternity rings that they have to choose from are dreamy!  I just love the one in the collage above (4).  When I first started looking at it, I was looking at in in white gold, but then I switched it to yellow gold, and SWOON!!  I seriously love that ring!  It is timeless and elegant, and I have never seen anyone wearing a ring quite like it.  And the bracelet (3) is so simplistic yet gorgeous.  I also like it in the yellow gold, it makes the diamonds just pop!  This bracelet is not terribly flashy, yet it is eye catching and beautiful.  And then, the necklace (2)!  This is called a bolero tie necklace.  And I love it!  I can just picture it around my  neck for summer.  It is such eye candy!  And lastly, those earrings are exactly the earrings I would choose if I were able to purchase a pair of diamond hoop earrings.  These earrings are classic and timeless, and something that I would wear for the rest of my life.  And just a piece of advice that you probably already know- diamonds go with everything.  Dressy, casual, it doesn’t matter!  You cannot make them look bad, no matter how hard you try! 

The fine folks at Anjolee contacted me a few months ago and offered to send me a piece of jewelry to review.  And well, you know I jumped right on that, don’t you?  They offered me a few different options to choose from and customize.  And a couple of weeks ago, this lovely necklace below arrived at my doorstep.  I often wear costume jewelry and statement necklaces, you see them in my weekly style posts.  But other times, I love to wear something dainty and lady like.  And I love this necklace!  The necklace I chose is the gemstone center horizontal diamond pendant.  This image is from their website.  

And here are some pictures I took of the necklace I received.  

anjolee jewelry2

I chose the diamond and topaz because I just love the pretty shade of blue.  I don’t have much jewelry in this shade of blue, and often wish that I did, so I thought this was a great opportunity to incorporate this lovely stone into my jewelry collection, and it is something that I will own and wear probably for the rest of my life.

anjolee jewelry4

 The  necklace came in this very pretty box.  It made what was inside feel just a little more special. 

anjolee jewelry5

On a day that I want to keep my jewelry simply yet classy, I would wear something like this necklace, and my diamond studs.  Throw these two pieces of jewelry on, and they offer just enough sparkle, and you can look pulled together in no time!  I honestly feel like you can’t go wrong with simple, classic, dainty jewelry. 

anjolee jewelry6

I am sure you will see my lovely new necklace pop up in future weekly style posts, and when it does, I will be sure to point it out to you so you won’t miss it!  And just a quick note to LC.  The fact that Anjolee was so sweet to send me this beautiful necklace so that I could share it with my awesome readers in no way excuses you from  Valentine’s Day gift giving!  Just in case you were wondering, ha! 

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