Monday, January 5, 2015

Tools Every Homeowner Needs

Even if you hate tools, everybody needs one toolbox with the basics. Gather these tools and keep them in your closet for the next time you have a DIY emergency.

Allen Key: Not everybody has an Allen key, but everybody should. Some sports equipment and furniture have certain screws that require more than a regular screwdriver. Allen keys are irreplaceable if you plan on doing any type of home improvement projects or repairs.

Extension Cord: If you own a home, you probably have a yard, too. An insulated extension cord makes it easier to do yard work and to work on projects in your garage or driveway, too.

Flashlight: From searching for a pair of earrings you lost behind the couch to being prepared in case your power goes out during a storm, everybody should have a flashlight in their tool box (and car, too).

Hammer: There’s pretty much no other tool you can use to put nails into a wall or to take them out. Spend a little more money on a hammer and get a good one - pricier hammers are lightweight, making them easier to use.

Level: You may think you’re great at eyeballing how level something is, but save yourself some trouble and use a level anyway - you’ll limit the number of holes you put in the wall.

Pliers: It’s possible that you’ve never used pliers before, but you should still have a pair in your toolbox. Pliers let you hold objects in place, plus they let you pinch, pull, and bend metal. 

Power Drill: This is a sort of luxury item when it comes to tools, but DIY projects and wall mountings are a hundred times easier when you have a power drill.

Screwdriver: You won’t realize how many things you need a screwdriver for until you don’t have one handy. This is a must-have for any homeowner or renter. The easiest thing to do is to get a screwdriver handle that lets you swap out interchangeable tips. You definitely need a Philips Head and a flathead screwdriver, for starters. 

Tape Measure: From figuring out how to space wall art to estimating floor plans and buying new furniture, a tape measure is something you should always have in your house.

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