Saturday, January 31, 2015

Get Your Valentines Day On With Minted

valentine inspired art

It’s no secret that I like A LOT! And they have the sweetest Valentines Day shop on their website.  I just wanted to pop in on this fine Saturday and show some of the things from their shop I am coveting right now.  They have such fantastic wall art, and the above collage features my favorites that would be perfect to give to your sweetie.  Look at that Gold foil West Virginia State art!  I can promise you this- it will be mine! I was quite surprised to see this WV art featured, I didn’t even have to click on it and then choose the state of WV!  I felt like that put that up there just for little old me, tee hee!

And they have so many Valentines Day cards that you can purchase for your child to share in his or her classroom.  And so much cuter than the one’s you find in stores (at least where I live).  We aren’t exactly a shopping mecca around here.

classroom cards

They have these sweet banners that you can personalize with a photo, and I want one!  They also sell fabric, did you know that?  They have lots of really great patterns, and even a few for Valentine’s Day.  They even have a fun tutorial on their website showing you how you can use the V-Day fabric to make treat bags for your child’s classroom – I love that idea!
valentine shop

You can click any of the links I have provided to take to to where you can find the items I have pictured.  Have a great weekend, and happy shopping at Minted!

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