Thursday, January 1, 2015

Best of 2014- DIY Project Posts

Wow, it is officially the first day of 2015 all!  I hope you had a great New Year’s Eve!  We spent ours with Mr. 7 Year Old, just went to dinner and then had our own little private celebration at home after.  We were saying give it may be 6-7 more years, and we will probably be on our own and able to actually go out and celebrate New Year’s Eve with just adults.  But by then we probably won’t want to anymore, ha! 

On Monday I shared a round up of my most popular project posts (according to you), and today I thought I would share some of my favorite projects from the past year, starting in January.  Who knows, you might find something you missed!  Especially if you are new here!  Just click the link under the picture to see the full post.



Valentine DIY_thumb


jewelry tray


I painted the sink and cabinet in Miss 18 Year Old’s bathroom.  And I am planning to write a post this year to let you know how the sink is holding up. 



graduation party collage_thumb




My most popular project I wrote in 2014 was written in July- how to remove water stains from wood.  I shared this in Monday’s post, so I am not sharing a picture today, but did want to give you the link for the post today. 


how to make a chalkboard tray



barn Beam Mantle_thumb


vintage bar cart



DIY coat rack pin_thumb

Airstone collage

On Monday I shared the top 10 most viewed project posts according to my readers, in case you missed it.

It's always so fun to look back and see how much (or how little, in some cases!) we accomplished around here.  I have some more Round ups to share before I get started working on any new projects in 2015, so I hope that you will stick around throughout the new year to see what I have in store!  I will also be sharing my goals for 2015 very soon! 

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