Saturday, December 6, 2014

Tips for Giving Your Rental Property an Overhaul

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Do any of you reading this own a rental property?  It is a great way to supplement your yearly income.  And if you've made a considerable investment in a rental property you should take great pride in offering your tenants a comfortable, attractive place to live. That being said, you've decided it's time for a makeover. If you want to get a greater return on your property, you have to put something in it. You'll find that it's easier to attract tenants and keep them when you devote your energy to making their living space as inviting as possible. Take some simple tips to make your property the envy of all others.

Give it a Paint Job

Paint can truly transform a home, whether it's on the outside or the inside. Tackle both and you'll feel like you are giving your tenants a new place to live. You can opt for shades that complement each other or choose bold contrasts that really pop. Consider allowing your tenants to do the painting for you. You could even give them an added perk by offering them a break on their rent for any improvements that they make.

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Consider Adding Some New Furniture to Your Rental Space

While most rental properties are not furnished, you might want to grab the attention of potential tenants by bringing in a few choice items to make the space look more lived-in. You'll find that some people love to acquire a living space that is already furnished, making their lives much easier. Scan the papers and visit estate sales. Garage sales and the classifieds can help you to find really good deals as well.

Overhaul the Bathroom

The bathroom is often considered a utilitarian space that could be neglected. If you want people to say yes to your property, you've got to give them a reason to sign on the dotted line. Look to a site like to find attractive vanities and other accessories that will warm up this most practical of rooms.

Add New Accents

If you want to freshen up or feel like your rental property has grown stale, you can always bring in a decorative flair to dress your space. From flowers to new throw blankets on the sofa, your personal touch can really draw tenants to your rental property. When you're trying to bring people in the door for the first time or you want to reward your loyal tenants, spice up the place and reap the rewards.

Hope you enjoyed these tips today!  Have a great weekend!