Monday, December 29, 2014

The Best of Sweet Parrish Place 2014

Best of 2014

While sitting here trying to start writing this post, I am stunned and amazed that it is almost 2015!  Our family has underwent major changes this year, with our oldest going off to college and starting a life of her own.  That has been so incredibly hard on me particularly.  But in spite of that huge bump in the road, I think it has been a wonderful year for this little blog of mine.  I am a full time school counselor, and this blog is something I created as an outlet for me to follow my bliss, and I have been on this blogging journey now for over two years.  This past year I have seen my blog start to grow, and I am so inspired, and filled with hope that it will grow in leaps and bounds in 2015!  And I only have you to thank!  I would not still be chugging along here without my reader’s, so shout out to you awesome people who keep coming back and reading y blog!  I hope and pray that you will stick with me through this next year and many more. 

In case you are a recent addition to the Sweet Parrish Place family, or you simply missed something this past year, I’ve collected all of my top posts from 2014 all in one place.  These are the posts that were the most popular with you – my readers.  And some of these were surprising, even for me!  These are my top ten most popular project posts of 2014, starting at ten, and ending at the most popular.

#10- My Daughter’s Bedroom Design

bohemian teen girl bedroom

#9  Living Room Update- A New Area Rug

Houndstooth area rug

And right before we got a new rug, we also added new curtains, which brings me to this next popular post!

#8  Changes in the Living Room

new curtains in living room

#7  Changes in the Master Bedroom- New Bedding

cream and natural bedding

#6  Trashtastic Tuesday- How I Painted a Sisal Rug

DIY- How to paint a sisal rug

#5  Dining Room/Office Progress- Shelving

Ikea office shelving with rub n buff brackets

#4  Organized Pantry- Zero Dollars

organized pantry zero dollars

#3  One Year Later – How My Brown Paper Floors Are Holding Up

how my brown paper floors are holding up after one year

#2  How I Renewed My Old Grout for $6

DIY- Renew your grout for $6

#1  How to Remove Water Stains From Wood
how to remove water stains from wood

I would have never dreamed when I wrote this post back in July that it would be the most popular thing I wrote in 2014!  But it was!  and it still get pinned several times per day, so thank you to everyone who has read this and pinned it!  And please, if you haven’t pinned it, go do it now!  Keep this water stain removal train going!  Ha!

Were these my favorite project posts I wrote in 2014?  Not necessarily, at all!  But they were the ones that had the most views by you awesome reader’s.  These were the one you liked best, so I wanted to pay homage to them today.  And if you missed any of them, feel free to go back and read them!  I would actually love it if you do!  I am also going to write a post with a round up of my favorite projects of 2014, because I also think they deserve just one more look before the new year posts and projects begin.  So stay tuned! 

Have a great week!  I am off to do a serious clean out of Mr. 6 Year Old’s bedroom.  But just one thing- he is not 6 anymore!  Yesterday was his 7th birthday, and it was a very special day for us all!  Happy Birthday little man! Despite my unmade bed in the background, I just love this picture of him! 

This is where I party: