Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Polished Casual Christmas–Living Room

Christmas Living Room tour
It’s about time I show you my living room for Christmas, right?  I mean, tomorrow is Christmas Eve!  So I would say I am a little behind on the blog.  But hey, if you like any of my ideas, just pin them and save them until next year!  Oh, the beauty of Pinterest!  So, I had lots of pictures, and I made a few collages, so that this post wouldn’t seem quite so picture heavy.  Enjoy!

Not much has changed with my rustic branches from this year to last.  I just popped some colorful ornaments and a glittery bow on them!

rustic branches with bulbs3

My bookcase is one of my favorite places to decorate for the seasons. 

Christmas Living Room2

I bought the wreath at Target on the day after Christmas two years ago.  this year, I added the plaid bow to make it look more festive. 


The Santa figurines have been part of my décor for many years. 


I added some fake snow and a votive candle inside of my blue Mason Jar, and then tied a pretty bow around it.  And inside of the cloche are a couple of Swedish Santas that were given to us from Our Swedish Daughter’s family last Christmas.
Swedish Santas, mason jar and wreath

This is our living room from the opposite direction.  Of course you have probably seen our new fireplace mantle and surround, if you are a regular reader. 

Christmas Living Room3

Christmas Living Room5

The shaggy red pillows are usually downstairs in our family room.  But I moved them up for Christmas this year.  I decided to make my green pillows a little more festive by tying some red plaid ribbon around each one.  Easy peasy. 


I always put lights in this opening, and this year I just went halfway up with them.  Then I place a garland across the bottom with a plaid bow in the middle. 

Lighted opening

Christmas Living Room8

My Dickens' Village is a family favorite, and I couldn’t get rid of it without breaking hearts, so it is out every year!
Dickens village4

I made this brown paper Christmas Tree last year.  It didn’t take long at all!

brown paper Christmas Tree1

Christmas Living Room

Since tomorrow is Christmas Eve, there is just one more thing I want to show you, and that is our Christmas Tree in our downstairs family room.  I did the lights a little differently for this tree.  You just take a few strands of lights, plug them together, and then fold them in three even folds.  So you will have a strand of lights in your hand that has three even lengths of lights.  Then wrap it around the tree to look like a swirl.  I love the way they look, and it is something different than the tree upstairs.   


This tree holds all of our home made and crafty ornaments that we have collected over the years.  My mom usually buys the kids a gingerbread man ornament or an angel ornament each year.


I topped it off with a Santa hat that says “I’ve Been Good”. 


That’s pretty much the only decorating I did downstairs, but it is just enough to make it feel festive and bright while the kids spend time together watching movies or playing games. 


And that is wrap on Christmas 2014 at the Parrish Household.  Now all that is left to do is just let the festivities begin!  I hope you all have a wonderful Holiday Season, and thank you so much for coming by and visiting my blog.  It is truly appreciated more than you know! 

Merry Christmas! 

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