Sunday, December 21, 2014

More Polished Casual Christmas

polished casual christmas2

Quick, I’m running out of time to show you the rest of my Christmas Décor!  You see, in Blog Land, most good bloggers have already shown you there Christmas-fied homes by now.  But this month just seems to be getting away from me.  I guess it is to be expected at the busiest time of the year!  After all, I do actually have a full time job, three children, and other things going on outside of writing this blog.  But today I want to show you a little more of my home this year for Christmas.  Ready?

You might remember this vintage vanity case that I made over in the fall.  Well, here it is for Christmas!  I just placed a pillar candle inside and a berry garland and a strand of lights.  The little snow man propped up inside is a copper lid that goes on top of a box that the candle is sitting in. 

Vanity Case1

And this vignette is the top of a bookshelf in our hallway.  I took a canvas that was a fall picture, and wrapped it with some Christmassy paper, then just wrapped a piece of plaid ribbon around it.  And then I replaced a couple of the candles in the tree with bulbs. 

christmas decor

This is the dining room buffet.  I always enjoy decorating this for the seasons.  And it is fun to make it look different each year. 

christmas buffet

I have had the cookies and milk for Santa dished since Miss 18 Year Old was born, and we use them every year on Christmas Eve.  The rustic tree was bought at a craft show a while back.

christmas buffet2

I have had the wreath hanging over the mirror for years.  I actually think I haven’t put it out for a few years, but it made a reappearance this year.  I used a bit of the ribbon that I used on my Christmas banister and hung it up.  And this Santa basket is also an oldie that I have had forever.  every year, I keep our special Christmas cards, wrap them with twine.  This basket hold our special cards we have received over the past few years.  I ties a piece or red ribbon around my velvet reindeer to make it look like he was wearing a red scarf! 

christmas buffet3

christmas buffet4

I placed the LED lights inside of this metal vase, wadded up some newspaper and stuck down inside the vase to make the lights stand up the way I wanted them to.  Then I just popped some cotton balls around the top to make it look like snow.  The beads you see on the lights is actually a necklace of mine.  And I tied a piece of plaid ribbon around the vase.  I love this little arrangement!  The thermos was bought at Goodwill at the end of summer. 

christmas buffet5

This is my dining table this year.  This Longaberger snowman is another thing that is somewhere in my house every Christmas.  I just threw some extra Christmas ribbon in the baskets.  These can be used for wrapping gifts.  I purchased the plaid runner last Christmas from Pottery Barn.  The chargers are from the Better Homes and Gardens line at Wal Mart.  I don’t do table setting and all of that, so this is about as fancy as my table gets. 

christmas dining table

This is the windowsill behind the table.  I recently moved all of my plants back here, and I like them all together rather than scattered around the house.  I used this little planter to make a little Christmas here.  I just wrapped some of that same ribbon from my banister around the planter container and around each candle.  Then ties around each with some jute.  There are a few plastic bags tucked in around the candles as filler, and then they are covered with Moss.


christmas arragement

christmas dining room

I just replaces some of the candles with glittered bulbs here too. 

Christmas wall decor

This is looking into my dining room from the kitchen.  You can see our little home made advent calendar on the far wall.  I planned on writing a whole post about how I made it, and time just got away from me.  But I made it using brown envelopes, some free number pintable's I found online and printed onto red and green card stock, and some washi tape.  And I hung it all up in the shape of a Christmas Tree.  This is the first year I have done an advent calendar and the kids have enjoyed it. 

christmas dining room2

christmas dining room3

polished casual christmas
I have one more post to write about my Christmas décor.   I also have all of my wrapping to do, cookies to make, Santa to visit, gingerbread houses to decorate, and food to make for Christmas Eve and Christmas day.  Do you think I will make it?  Are you feeling as rushed as I am this Christmas season?  I am making myself anxious just writing all of this!  I better get away from this computer and get moving! 

You can check out the rest of my 2014 Christmas Decor!

polished casual mantle

christmas tree collage