Thursday, December 18, 2014

Get Merry Marking with Bic®

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There is arguably nothing better than a good book. I love to receive books, and I love to give books as gifts as well. I always buy books for my husband, my father, my friends, and my kids. I have been an avid reader for as long as I have known how to read, and I just truly believe that getting lost in a wonderful story is one of life’s greatest treasures, so I love to share that with others.

So when I received the offer to partner with BIC® for their Merry Marking Campaign, I started reading the Merry Marking booklet, which is full of lots of fun activities, ideas and projects for the BIC Mark it Permanent Markers. One of the ideas was right up my alley - Buy one of your favorite books and gift it to a friend with a hand written note on the inside cover! So that is just what I did!


BTW, I just love the case these markers come in! Very nifty and easy to store. My markers always tend to get scattered all over the house and used up by everyone else, but these puppies are mine, all mine! I think I am gonna hide them. Must hoard all of the marker’s! I have already warned the family to step away from the marker’s, #thesearemommasmarkers, #BICMerryMarking. Did I start to diverge off of the subject? Sorry! I am just thinking of all of the awesome little projects that I can use these markers for ( and all of the great ideas in the Merry Marking Booklet). And I will! These markers come in 44 unique and different colors. And you know a lady likes to have choices!


So I had fun making my little note on the inside cover. I didn’t feel the need for it to look picture perfect. I just wrote it out just like I would any other day. Just a little note for my friend – hoping she will enjoy one of my most favorite recent reads just as much as I did! I used the marker in the color #TikiHuttan to write my note.


Such a fun and easy way to show a friend that you care! And I truly hope that she enjoys the read.


So, if you would like to join in on the #BICMerry Marking fun, you can get the booklet of merry marking and a coupon to start marking!

I am nominating a few other awesome ladies to participate in BIC’s month of Merry Marking! Tag, you’re it!

My daughter Delaney- the most artsy/crafty girl I know
My cousin, Jaime- also an artist
My blog buddy Shelly from Minette’s Maze – check out her blog, where she loves to go junkin’ and create!

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I still have more Christmas around my house to share, quickly! I hope to be back in the morning to show you my Christmas dining room! Stay tuned!

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