Monday, December 15, 2014

Christmas Entry and Banister

Christmas Banister Graphic

Welcome to our home this Christmas!  I love to create a welcoming entry, especially at Christmas time.  And our home present special challenges in the entry, because it is a split level home.  If you are a regular around here, I have mentioned many times how I have struggled with creating an inviting entry because of the split level.  I have tried to make the most of this space.  And I love the way it looks this Christmas, so take off your shoes, and come on in!  I’ll try to keep the words to a minimum, and just let you enjoy the pictures.  This is the wreath that has hung on our front door for quite a few years now.  I think next year it will be time for something new.  But I do love the Deer wreath hanger!

Christmas Berry Wreath

View from the top of the stairs. 

Christmas Banister

The opening you see decorated with lights leads to our living room. 

Christmas Entry

I wrapped white lights halfway up each spindle, I usually go all the way up, but wanted something a little different this year. 

Christmas Entry2

I bought the ribbon I used on the banister at Marshalls.  I mixed white lights in with a simple garland, and then I used some jingle bells that I have had for years, and just tied a few simple bows. 

Christmas Banister2

Love this ribbon, and wish I had bought a few rolls.

Christmas Banister3

Christmas Banister4


I hung a red berry wreath right at the top of the railing, and adorned it with the same simple bow and a red ornament. 


Christmas Entry3

You might remember the DIY Coat Rack that I made back in November.  This thing is getting it’s fair share of heavy use, trust me!

Christmas Entry4

The snowmen are staples around here at Christmas time. 

Christmas Entry5

Christmas Entry6

I usually put flowers in this hanging bucket.  This year, I draped a red scarf in it instead.  Easy peasy!  I should Change up my chalkboard art to something more Christmas-y.  Laziness I guess…

Christmas Entry7

And this is our beloved shoe cabinet that we wonder how we ever lived without. 

Christmas Entry8

Christmas Entry9

In the frame is a Christmas card we received last year.  Such cute little Christmas people!

Christmascard Art

The little mason jar has a string of LED lights in it.  Unfortunately the batteries were dead when I took this picture, but have since been changed. 

Christmas Entry10

I still have a few places around my home that I have not shown you yet, so stay tuned, I hope to bring you more Christmas cheer very soon!  Have a wonderful week!

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