Friday, November 28, 2014

Home Tour Update- My Cozy Casual Family Room

cozy casual family room

Welcome to our Family Room!  I thought I would give you a little update on this room, since I haven’t really shown it on the blog in a while.  I don’t show you this room a whole lot.  I actually don’t go into this room that much.  This is where my kids hang out with friends, play Wii, and horse around.  We don't worry too much about the state of this room.  It is meant to be a casual, comfortable place for the kids to hang out with their friends.  Many a sleepover has been had in this room.  We blow up the air mattress, and the sofa is the most comfortable piece of furniture I have ever owned.  Mr. 14 Year old can be found conked out on this sofa at any given time.  And believe it or not, my BFF gave me this sofa and chair for free!  She wanted it out of her house to make room for new furniture, and she told me if I could pick it up I could have it.  Now she lives almost 2 hours away in Pittsburgh, but I talked my dad into going up there with his truck, and we were able to get this furniture.  And let me tell you, it has been well used through the years.  Very well used!  It is so comfortable, in fact, that I hesitate to get rid of it, even though I would like something more neutral down here.  So I have just worked around the denim and tried to make an inviting space anyway.  What do you think of the denim?

family room 3

This room is in the downstairs part of our split level home.  Right across the hallway from Miss 18 Year Old’s bedroom.  It stays much cooler down here than it does upstairs, so in the winter, we keep a space heater in here that the kids can turn on if they want to.  I bought this cozy plaid throw at Wal Mart early on in the fall.  Do you see the side table to the right of the chair.  Well, it is the subject of my second most popular post of all time- How to remove water stains from wood.  And it truly works!  This Mid Century Modern table was purchased for $5 at the Mission, and it is like brand new now!  And who would have thought a quick little post about how I removed the water stains from this table would be one of my biggest posts!  I guess you just never know! I just recently hung this colorful gallery wall, and I showed it to you as part of my two year anniversary celebration.
family room 4

This Vintage inspired Chicago poster is also new to this room.  I found it in the storage closet of the garage.  I bought this for LC when we first met, and we never used it anywhere.  So I tacked it up on the wall with no frame.  I love it!  I may frame it eventually, but for now, I like it in this spot, and I am happy we found a home for it.

Chicago Poster

Chicago Poster

The large television cabinet to the right is probably going to be changing soon.  I have asked for a new TV for our upstairs living room, and we will hopefully be moving the flat screen that is currently up there to this room, and getting rid of this dinosaur of a TV.  And LC may be in need of an area to have a work desk soon, so the plan, if the need arises, is to hang a flat screen on the wall here, get rid of the large cabinet, and put a desk area here, with the flat screen hanging above it.  Not ideal, but we literally have to other place in our home where we can fit another desk.  This would be a good spot for one, because it is more quiet down here, and he could get more work done. 

Colorful gallery wall

Here is another shot of the television cabinet.  And this green dresser was up in our master bedroom until we replaced it with the Mid Century Modern dresser.  I think this dresser also has that MCM style.  I have had big plans to strip the paint off of this dresser and make it over for years now.  One day it will get done, I promise!  Anyway, this is where it landed when we got the new dresser in our bedroom.  And I actually don’t mind the color nearly as much in this room.  Right now the drawers are empty, but I have plans to make it a wrapping paper and gift bag storage station.  Right now I keep that stuff in our attic, so this would be a perfect place to keep that stuff for much easier access.  Even if we get a new desk, this piece will probably stay down here. 

green mcm dresser

The large rustic sign was left here from the previous owners.  He worked for the phone company, and actually, so did my father.  And the ironic thing is that when my dad retired, this guy, who was the previous owner, and also an old friend of mine, took my dad’s position over!  So I totally dig this sign and am glad to have it.  The artwork leaning against it is a Trashtastic Tuesday project that I completed.  And wow, when I look back at that post, I can really see how far I have come with my blog, my photography skills, and my design style!  So things have definitely improved around here. 

green dresser family room

This vintage slide projector was something I picked up for free.  You can read more about it here.  The little horse was given to me from Our Swedish Daughter’s  parents.  It is a Swedish horse called a Dala, and you can also see a tapestry hanging over our sofa with this same horse on it. 

Vintage Sign

This chalkboard is another of my early Trashtastic Tuesday projects.  Sorry for the mediocre chalkboard art.  I free handed this.  I think it’s cute, but it is definitely home made! 

DIY chalkboard

I just drew a tree and made a list of some of the things that make me look forward to Fall. 

family room chalkboard2

Recently I acquired three globes for free.  Someone left them sitting out for the trash at my school, and I hoarded them.  I plan to make a ceiling light for this room out of one of them, but for now, it is sitting on top of the TV cabinet.  I am so excited that I have three globes to work with! 

family room globe

The Swedish Flag was also given to me by Our Swedish Daughter’s parents.  I love having little bits of Sweden sprinkled around our home.  It reminds me of my heritage, and Our Swedish Daughter!  The little blue creamer was given to my by my grandmother years ago.  It is an antique.  She was not able to find the sugar bowl that went with it, unfortunately. 

family room globe 2

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cozy casual family room

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Thank you so much for stopping by today!  I hope you enjoyed touring my family room.  We will start decorating for Christmas today, and this room will have a Christmas Tree, which I am sure I will share on the blog.  On Monday and Tuesday I was hard at work installing a mantle surround upstairs in our living room.  We finished in at about 8:30 on Wednesday evening, and if you follow me on Instagram, I gave a sneak peek of it.  It was not a great picture, since I took it in the dark.  But I am hoping to share the reveal with you next week!  I am in love with it, and it transformed the whole room!