Monday, September 1, 2014

My Daughter’s College Apartment- Tour


If you read my blog on a regular basis, you probably know that my daughter, Miss 18 Year Old, recently moved into her first apartment.  She is a freshman in college, and she opted to live in an apartment instead of a dorm.  Why did we allow this?  Because it was almost twice as expensive to pay for room and board in a dorm!  We felt this was the right decision for her, and she and my niece are living together.  You can read the post I wrote about college dorm and apartment inspiration and organization here.

Now, I am not going to go into the horrible story of move in day in this post, but trust me, there will be a review coming soon about the apartment complex that she moved into.  It was a horrible experience, and I promise to share all of the dirty details, and I DO mean dirty.  But for now, allow me to give you a tour of Miss 18 Year Old’s first apartment.  This apartment is a furnished apartment, and has pretty standard furnishings. 

This is her bedroom, and my favorite room in the place.  She picked all of the décor herself.  Isn’t the tapestry on the wall behind her bed to die for?  She ordered it from Urban Outfitters.  They have a pretty great selection and variety of tapestries. 

She purchased the draperies and silver curtain rod from Target.  They are a little long, because LC hung the curtain rod lower than I told him to, but with all of the chaos of move in day, we did not have time to fix them.  We will eventually raise them. 


She bought the old window at an antique store in Sugar Creek Ohio (Amish Country).  The mercury glass lamp is from Homegoods. 


Her duvet and pillow shams are from JCPenney


The grey ruffly pillow is from Homegoods, and so is the throw at the foot of her bed. 



The cabinet to the right of her bed was brought from her bedroom at our house.  It provides two extra drawers and more shoe storage. 


The shelves hanging on the wall were a DIY project.  I will do a full post about them soon.  They provide much needed storage.  The over the door mirror was purchased at Target.  The door leads to her vary own bathroom.  One of the perks of having an apartment. 



The desk area will be doubling as a makeup table.  The bulletin board to the left of the desk was purchased at Homegoods. 


The ombre drawers is where she stores her makeup and some school supplies.  It was purchased at Office Max, but I could not find them on the website.  


This corner is where her dresser and TV are located. 


The picture hanging on the wall is one of her senior pictures that I purchased for her as a graduation gift.  You can’t see it very well, but it is her from behind, standing on stage in her high school theater.  A place full of so many memories of her high school years.  She was in several plays on this stage. 


And this is her bathroom.  We purchased the shelves over her toilet at Target.  But it isn’t available online.  The shower curtain and rugs were purchased at Homegoods. 


If you look at the picture above, you can see that she went and bought a white basket to put some of her things in, so the picture below isn’t the way it looks now.  The basket hid the ugly. 


This is her sink area.  The blue jar was purchased at Marshall’s.


This cute basket holds extra rolls of toilet paper. 


And this is her closet, which is in the bathroom.  It is a very nice size for a college apartment.  I purchased these handy closet doublers from Amazon, which gave her a lot more room to hang things. 


The living room, dining room and kitchen are all one big area.  The doorway to the left is her bedroom, and then down the hallway are two more bedrooms and bathrooms just like hers. 


Outside that door is a very nice patio. 


She loves sunflowers, so she picked this stuff for the table. 


And this is the kitchen.  The door leads to their very own laundry room. 


It is a pretty nice kitchen, with solid surface counters.  This little raised counter is a good place for them to keep notes and keys. 


They even have a dishwasher, something I never had until I got married!


She hung a vintage apron made by LC’s grandmother on the pantry door. 


Her aunt gave them a toaster oven, which will come in very handy for them.  I gave her my old teapot and I bought a new one, and we bought them a little 4 cup coffee maker. 


The little strawberries on the wall were another find from LC’s grandmother.  Someone had made them for her and the girls can use them for hot dishes if they need to.   



The vintage calendar is from LC’s grandmother too.  Delaney loves it!  And the bulletin board was one She already had, and she covered it with some vintage fabric that she found at LC’s grandmother’s house.  His grandmother sadly passed in the spring, so we had the opportunity to go over and take some things from her home, and they are very special. 


This shot shows the whole area.  And Miss 18 Year Old and my niece are sitting on the sofa.  I didn’t have the energy to ask them to move for these pictures! 


The sofa, coffee table, and TV stand were already there.  We brought the end tables and the chair in the corner.  One of the end tables and the chair are also from LC’s grandmother.  The other end table we found at The Mission.  Over next to the door, we hung some hooks for them to hang jackets on, which I am sure they will get lots of use out of.  And there is a bench under the hooks that is a piano bench.  Her grandmother upholstered it in some vintage fabric for her.  The top opens to provide a little extra storage, and it is a nice place to throw down their purses or what not when they walk in the door. 


The rug used to be in our living room.  We saved it for her when we bought a new one.  I think it really cozy's up the joint.  They plan on hanging curtains in here eventually, but we weren’t sure how wide the windows were, so we decided to wait on that.  You can see a pile of cleaning supplies in some of these pictures.  We were there spending the day cleaning, and these supplies were things we were bringing home with us.  They want to eventually get a flat screen TV for their living room, but for now we gave them an old TV that was in our attic.  It will do for now. 


And here is a picture of the chair from LC’s grandmother.  It is so cute, and the pillows were also from her.  Delaney loved them!  She loves old vintage looking things, so she was so happy to get these things from his grandma. 


And this last picture is my niece’s bathroom.  I wanted to show you her bedroom too, but it wasn't quite picture ready yet. 


So that is it for Miss 18 Year Old’s first apartment!  I think it a great apartment for them, and way nicer than anything I ever lived in when I was in college, that is for sure!  What do you think?  College apartments have come a long way, am I right?  We accomplished this move in over one weekend.  There will be small tweaks here and there as time goes on, and I am sure the girls will be adding decor and other things that show their individual personalities.  So I will update you with the little changes that make their apartment feel like home to them.

Having my daughter move out and go off to college has been rough.  Really really rough.  And it really isn’t getting any easier yet, but I am sure that will come in time.  But I am very happy for her that she loves her new apartment, and is full of excitement to have her own place.

If you stuck around through all of these pictures, and made it to the bottom of this post, congratulations!  And thank you for your persistence, ha!  I know it was a ton of pictures, but hopefully you enjoyed them.

Have a great week!

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