Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Trashtastic Tuesday- Spray Painted Magnetic Letters

Welcome to another edition of Trashtastic Tuesday! This is a little series around here where I show you something that I thrifted, sometimes I make it over, sometimes I don’t.  Or it may be something that I have owned and I am tired of, or no longer like, so I make it over.  But nevertheless, it is usually something that I paid very little money for. Today I am sharing my spray painted magnetic letters. 

Here is a picture of this same exact door before I painted it black, and before I spray painted the letters.  Also, in case you missed it, I wrote a post last week about how my brown paper floors are holding up, if you would like to check it out. 


Why not just take the letters down, you ask?  Well, really you shouldn’t ask me, you should ask Mr. 6 Year Old, who is strangely attached to them.  Seriously, I took them down to paint them, and he noticed immediately that they were gone.  When I revealed my plans to him, he was completely against me painting them at all.  Being the bad mother that I am, I painted them anyway.  I had had the thoughts of painting them for over a year, and I was not backing down now!  Don’t mess with Momma when she has a vision!
To change the subject, I am having some problems with my camera lately.  It seems that I can’t get the pictures to be clear and crisp lately, even though I am using my tripod and my timer.  I shot these pictures two different times, and they weren’t much better the second time.  I don’t get it.  Any advice? 


I decided to leave the letters that were yellow and teal alone.  I thought it might make for an interesting mix and satisfy Mr. 6 Year Old at the same time.  The spray paint I used was
Rust-Oleum’s brushed nickel that I purchased at Home Depot.  The letters do have a little sheen, but you can’t really tell in the pictures. 


I just laid them all out on a drop cloth on a sunny day and sprayed 4 light coats on them.  I had to go at them from several angles to get them covered. 


This is the spot where I stand to do laundry, and Mr. 6 Year Old likes to be here with me, playing with these letters.  I don’t really love the letter’s being on this door, so I thought spray painting them to coordinate was a nice compromise.  Now they coordinate with what I have got going on in this hallway, and they look planned instead of haphazard. 

And one more shot of the whole little doorway area.  In case you were wondering, you can read more about the artwork to the left of the door here, it was a previous Trashtastic Tuesday Project.   And for more information about the flowered rug, click here.  

letters pin

Thanks for stopping by and checking out my spray painted magnetic letters today!  If you would like to check out my Trashtastic Tuesday Project Gallery, click here.  I have a really fun project for Trashtastic Tuesday that I am currently working on!  I don’t want to give it away, but I will just tell you that it involves chicken wire.  this is my first time working with chicken wire, so we’ll see how it goes.  Stay tuned!

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