Thursday, July 3, 2014

Bathroom Progress- Underway

Hey girl hey girl!  I last talked about our bathroom about a month ago here.  I showed you my plans for my master bath in this post back in February.  Well, it is slow going, but we have made some significant changes in the bathroom, so I thought I would show you what it looks like today, since I cleaned and all. 

First up, a small but significant change- I bought a new shower curtain!  It’s not the same as the one on my inspiration board, but I love it!  I have had a thing for ruffled shower curtains for a couple of years now, so when I saw this one at Homegoods for $20, it jumped right into my buggy. 


Might I add that this shower stall is the tiniest shower known to man.  (Note to self, when house shopping actually step into the shower and see how much room you have).  When we first moved in I had a really difficult time actually doing any cleaning of my hair or body in here.  There is nowhere to go to get out of the spray of the water.   I actually have to turn the water off to shave my legs.  And I have to push the shower head over towards the wall to wash my hair.  So annoying!  Especially when we came from a home with a large master shower with two benches in it.  The dream is to take this shower out and have a new shower with real tiles on the walls and floor put in.  See how this stall is inset into the wall?  We think if we removed it we could make a larger shower by bringing the new shower out several inches.  But, due to budget constraints that may never happen. 



There is actually a door to this shower, but it is not pretty.  I cleaned it up as much as possible, but I still prefer to hide it with a curtain.  LC just doesn’t get that. 


I love the way the shite ruffles kind of glow when the light is on inside the shower stall.  It’s the little things, people.  In this picture, you catch a glimpse of one of the other new things in this bathroom, the counter. 


This bathroom has great bones.  I love the high ceilings, and there is plenty of space in here. 


I am a bath girl, and I like the soaker tub in here.  I mean I would love to have a claw foot tub, but this one is just fine.  I have mentioned before that we are less than happy with this ceramic tile.  But it will stay.  However we will refresh the grout soon. 


This little space where the tub is is one of my favorite spaces in our house.  I love taking a nice long bath right here.  I bought that canvas from a store called Gabriel Brothers.  The hooks are from Pier one, and I just hung things I already had from the hooks.  A couple of bags, a sun hat,and some scrubbing tools. 


The window panel is from Target years ago.  It came with us from our old house.  The bamboo blind is from Home Depot


The wicker shelf was a Goodwill find.  It was a good “For Now” solution for this wall, but it probably won’t stay forever. 


It holds had towels, wash cloths, and a few other things. 


Great view out this window. 


Nothing much has changed here.  As you can see I hang my long necklaces on these hooks.  And there is a towel rack there that will be removed when we get around to painting. 


Here you can see the new counters and the new sink.  And the lovely lighting over the sink, which will be replaced. 


We had this counter installed along with the new sink.  We used the same faucet we already had.  The counter is from Wilsonart- called Calcutta Marble, and I love it!  I chose not to have a backsplash when I had these counters made, because I am going to use some white subway tiles to make a little backsplash.  I recently purchased the white milk glass lamp off of Craigslist.  You can see that I have paint sample taped up on the vanity.  Still trying to decide on a color, obviously grey.  Any opinions? (Yes, that is me in the mirror, hehe)


I also chose just a simple square edge.  You can see a small line at the edges, which is customary for laminate counters.  I am planning on using a paint marker to paint that edge so it will virtually disappear.  We purchased both the counter and the simple round sink from Home Depot.  It was less than $250 for both of them.  You can see the unfinished places right above the counters, where there was a backsplash on the old counters.  This whole counter will be restyled when I am done with the renovation in here. 


I have posted this to do list a long time ago for the bathroom.  Here is where we are with it right now. 

  • Purchase a cabinet to  hold towels.
  • Caulk under the shower door.
  • Repair Shower door.
  • Remove ugly soap, towel and toothbrush holders from wall.
  • Re-caulk other areas of shower door.
  • Paint walls.
  • paint vanity and put on new knobs.
  • replace counter and sink.
  • replace light fixture over sink.
  • Frame out Mirror over sink.
  • Install chandelier over bathtub.
  • Replace shower door. (Dreaming)
  • Paint grout on floor and paint small accent tiles.
  • Install shelves on left wall over bathtub.
  • Remove towel rack.
  • Replace silver toilet paper and hand towel holders.
  • Completely rip out shower and bathtub and replace. (This is merely a dream and will never happen)
  • Patch wall where things were removed.
  • Replace faucets in shower and tub area.

I am almost finished with Miss 18 Year Old’s bathroom, and I will start working on this room again after that.  I will be laying some peel and stick tiles in her bathroom next week.  So stay tuned! 
Have a great July 4th!  Enjoy!

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