Monday, June 30, 2014

Touring Through Blogland

Hello all!  Happy Monday!  We are actually on a little vacation right now, we spent a great weekend visiting Philadelphia, and now we are visiting some friends in New Jersey for a couple of days.  Fantastic trip so far, and we are hitting the beach tomorrow!

I wanted to pop in today because I am so excited that I am participating in this fabulous blog tour.  I was invited to participate in this tour by Christine, author of the My Little Brags.  I have never met Christine in person, since she lives in the Pacific Northwest, but I consider her a blog buddy!  We both started blogging at around the same time, and connected that way.  She even guest posted on my blog last summer when I was on vacation!  She blogs about her casual eclectic style that includes many DIY projects and rustic accents.  I never cease to find something inspiring on her blog every time I click over to it. 

So, why don't we get this tour underway, shall we? 

Painted Subway Tile Backsplash

I have been asked to answer these four questions:

1.  What are you working on right now?
This one makes me laugh!  I wish it were  so simple!  I feel like there are so many projects in my house that are not complete yet!  But seriously, the main project I am currently working on is my 18 year old daughter's bathroom.  So far I have painted her sink and vanity, replaced the builder grade mirror with a  framed one, painted the walls, and hung some DIY shelving.  Next on the list is to replace the 1996 linoleum, install a light over the sink, add some finishing touches, and I will be able to call it done!  I actually purchased the tile and the light already and will be starting on it very soon.  Anyone wanna come over and remove the toilet for me?  Ha!


2.  How does my work differ from other in this genre?
Wow!  That is a really hard question!  Who came up with this question anyway???  This one has thrown me for a little loop!  I guess one of the things that make my work different is that I am working with a very tight budget, and so I am trying to give our home an expensive feel on a peanut budget.  I also have a little series called Trashtastic Tuesday, which was my original idea.  I love the catch phrase Trashtastic.  I contribute to this series at least twice per month.  I mostly feature my own work.  I usually make over, upcycle, or repurpose something that I got for nearly nothing.  But sometimes if I don't have a new project to share, I feature other people's projects that I find around blogland.  I also try to keep it real around her.  I don't live in a magazine and my home doesn't look like I do.  I am not afraid to show a real home that real people live in. 


3.  Why do I write/create what I do?
That one is pretty simple.  I do it because it is my passion!  I was over 40 years old when I finally found my passion, and it was through the creation of Sweet Parrish Place.  I was always one to love home d├ęcor, and I can remember doing DIY projects even back in the 90's.  I always had a desire to write.  I also always loved to see what other people were doing in their own homes.  It was my favorite!  But it wasn't until I fell in love with other blogs that I realized I had a burning desire to do this!  I quickly fell madly in love with blogging and sharing my projects and home, and I have never looked back. 


4. How does your writing/creating process work?
I have a composition book which I use to write down ideas for possible posts.  Or else I put it in my phone as a note if I am not at home.  But other than that, I don't really plan my posts out in advance too much.  I just blog about what I am currently working on.  And these are things that I want to do anyway around my house, even if I weren't a blogger.  If I don't have any personal project to share then I will show off some other blogger's work sometimes that has inspired me in some way.  When I write a post, it all starts with the photos.  I usually edit them, and then I will put them all into the post before I write a single word.  I put way more pictures into the post than I actually use at first.  And then once they are on the page, I start going through them and weeding them out, until I come down to the pictures that are actually going to stay and be on the post.  After I have the pictures right, I start writing.  It is my goal to write in a very real way.  It is my hope that people will get a feel through my writing for who I actually am.  Not a fake version of me.  I am just a normal person.  And I want people to sense that by reading my blog. 


 I hope that you enjoyed reading a little bit more about the person behind Sweet Parrish Place, and my creative process today!  So now comes the fun part,  I am supposed to introduce to you to three other bloggers!  There is just one itsy bitsy problem, and that is that I only have two bloggers to share today.  So sad, I know.  I had a hard time with this one.  A couple of blogs that I invited had to pass for various reasons, and we were getting ready to go out of town, and I just ran out of time to get another blogger lined up. 

But I do have two fabulous bloggers to introduce you to today.  I am so excited to introduce you to Shelly, who has been blogging for a couple of years, and Rileigh, who has a brand new fashion blog.  Both blogs are completely different!  But both are really cute blogs that I think you will enjoy.   I know I do!  They will each be joining in this tour next Monday, July 7th.   So let's get this party started! 

Shelly from Minettes Maze

Hello there... I am Shelly from MinettesMaze.

I am a mom of 2 corn fed big boys, and a junkin junkie from Nebraska.

I love taking something old or used and turning it into something great.

I blog about all my lil projects and include tutorials so you can try too! If I can do can you!

Your invited! Come on over and snoop around! Hope you find something that inspires ya!

Rileigh from Rileigh's Findings

Hi! I'm Rileigh West, an 18 year old upcoming freshman at Southeastern University.  I have taken my love for high class fashion and all things girly and made it easily attainable for my college budget.  My blog is centered around my fashion findings and some great budget tips!  Come with me as I continue to find great fashion surprises.

I hope you enjoyed my portion of this blog tour today!  Please go and visit Shelly's and Rileigh's blogs and show them some love!  I would appreciate it, and I know they will be thrilled to have you as well!

Thanks for stopping by!